Boobies Boobies Boobies: Yes, The Sun Is Still In Cancer

"courtney love and frances bean as a baby"

Courtney Love: Sun in Cancer

And in case you forgot, or never knew, the sign of Cancer rules the breasts.  And in your own life you can probably recall a Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising who would boobify their outfits every now and then. Or regularly.

I am a short triple Cancer woman so shirts that dip downward make me look longer which is my motivation for displaying this asset on occasion. My Virgo Rising NEVER wants to appear vulgar or undignified so a balance must be met through sextile, and it is.

You can probably imagine my joy last weekend when I used some of my birthday money to buy new and excellent support for my Cancer part, which is no doubt something men can never understand, and lucky them: the expense, the search, the sizing, the relief at finding THE ONE. It’s like a marriage. And a divorce. After you wear one out? You get a new one ;)

What’s your sign? What body part(s) does it rule? And do you show it off? 

Note to self: keep asking questions on the blog; maybe more folks will comment :)

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  1. Aqua Sun=calves. I don’t think too much of them, they are just there. lol

    Cap Moon=knees… I have trouble with my knees every now and again, esp. with the extra weight, and when I don’t exercise, they get miserable. Right now my knees and I are on ok terms… I’m still heavy, but I’ve been working out, it helps considerably. :)

  2. virgo
    i believe it is the abdomen/bowels
    i guess i kinda do show it off
    i have never been shy about wearing clothes that are mid-drift or tight
    i have always liked my waist
    never realized the corelation until now


  3. Thank you for continuing to do important work on important issues. :)

  4. My regular, almost subconscious, boobification of my outfits reminds me often that I most likely have Cancer rising. Now I’m referencing your “do you know your birth time?” post.

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