Monthly Archives: July 2011

Oh Melancholy Car Rides In The Green Stationwagon of Life 7

Another post for Mercury Retrograde because Mercury Rx makes me REmember and Cancerian folk like any excuse to REvisit the past even if the past sucks, sucked. It’s territory to claim and REclaim. Mine it, and if not for gold then for… dust. So I started a thread on Facebook about being a child of […]

Mercury Retrograde: Travel Without A Map 7

Little Miss Mercury turns retrograde at just 1 degree Virgo. Just. One. Degree. You’re a tease, Mercury! Mercury Retrograde is famously the time we’re not supposed to sign contracts or buy electronics and also the time we are supposed to RE i.e. REvisit, REdo, REvise, REview, REnew! Yes, renew your… connection to Mercury and Mercury […]

Help For MoonPluto People And Anyone Else (Part ?) 9

Sun square Jupiter: don’t overdo it! I want to LoL because those cute little astro-quips that people tweet, etc., really ARE cute little astro-quips. I like writing them too, when I remember. And then I realize that mine are often more like Zen koans than helpful astrology. They are sometimes so deep IN that only those […]

Saturn Transits Feel Like… 16

Saturn transits feel like someone’s turned out the light. From inside. Or maybe it’s just a another kind of light that you’re becoming. Maybe you’re a candle now or a pilot light that has to be continually re-lit because the flame keeps going. Saturn transits force you to slow down and this slowing down is […]