Oh Melancholy Car Rides In The Green Stationwagon of Life

"mercury retrograde"
Tommy Lee Jones has Mercury in Virgo

Another post for Mercury Retrograde because Mercury Rx makes me REmember and Cancerian folk like any excuse to REvisit the past even if the past sucks, sucked. It’s territory to claim and REclaim. Mine it, and if not for gold then for… dust.

So I started a thread on Facebook about being a child of the 70s and knowing all the Eagles songs by heart. It makes me feel so quintessentially American. Suburban. Station wagon. AM Radio. Singing along to songs you didn’t really like. Dear Don Henley, my melancholy knows no bounds.

If Mercury Retrograde isn’t Memory Lane then I don’t know what is. Especially as it’s trafficking my 12th House of what is locked.

So through music (songs that appeared on my Pandora station) I grab my little flashlight and shine it on my 12th but it’s almost the Retrograde and it’s like the House itself is preparing itself but when it’s the 12th house and the 12th House is hidden and secretive, does a Retrograde Mercury through there, and through some weird backwards logic, actually straighten out the furniture??? (How was that for a long sentence?)

In my previous post, I was talking about getting lost. Letting the Retrograde period give you the freedom to… un-Virgo yourself. Virgo can be a burden. Mercury Retrograde through Virgo, even the VERY beginning of Virgo is an invitation, with lovely handwriting, to the WRONG address and yet it reaches you, is MEANT for you. So. Open. Up. The. Letter. Read it.

Mercury the Trickster, Mercury the Messenger, our Cosmic Mailman has a message for YOU this Retrograde Season: can you decode it? What does it say?

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Mercury Retrograde: Travel Without A Map

"Mercury Retrograde"
Chet Baker: Let's Get Lost (for Mercury Retrograde)

Little Miss Mercury turns retrograde at just 1 degree Virgo. Just. One. Degree. You’re a tease, Mercury!

Mercury Retrograde is famously the time we’re not supposed to sign contracts or buy electronics and also the time we are supposed to RE i.e. REvisit, REdo, REvise, REview, REnew! Yes, renew your… connection to Mercury and Mercury matters: communications, writing, siblings, your immediate environment/neighbors, your hands, your nerves, your thinking, your 3rd house, your 6th house, the place where you have Mercury in your chart, any aspects it makes. What sign is it in?

In mythology, Mercury was able to travel to the Underworld and back out again, the only God permitted to do this. Mercury the Messenger, a cosmic mailman.

So here’s an exercise for ya: become Mercury this Retrograde period. Travel (3rd House) short distances (whatever that means to YOU) without a map, without a plan.

See, Mercury Rx may mess up your plan, BUT if you travel without one? Without a guide, without a map? Well, that’s the kind of trouble, or, freedom, the trickster wants from you. The freedom to let yourself get lost. Mercury in Virgo may not like getting lost but Mercury Retrograde in Virgo DEMANDS it. No plan!

Travel backwards in your mind in your Virgo/Leo House(s) and what do you find? What/Who do you need to revisit? Refine? REfind? REmember? Then go DO IT.

Mercury Retrograde (to paraphrase Robert Frost) is that guide who only has an interest in your getting lost. It’s okay, though. Really, it’s okay.

Tell us about your Mercury Retrograde!

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Help For MoonPluto People And Anyone Else (Part ?)

"Sun in Leo"
Isaac Hayes had Sun in Leo

Sun square Jupiter: don’t overdo it!

I want to LoL because those cute little astro-quips that people tweet, etc., really ARE cute little astro-quips. I like writing them too, when I remember. And then I realize that mine are often more like Zen koans than helpful astrology. They are sometimes so deep IN that only those in tune with my Mercury trine Neptune can swim in it. Not saying this is good or bad, just the way it is. I sometimes have to struggle for obvious meaning. And yet people seem to know what I mean and I’ll take what I can get ;)

I am going to write my way through this transit. Which transit? Take your pick ;)

So here’s today’s wisdom: if you are going through a tough time, a difficult transit, if you are being hammered by the entire toolbox of God, then… STOP. Take a breath. STOP. Sit quietly. STOP. STOP. STOP. So that you can allow the solution to come to you. It will, I promise. Okay maybe not the solution but something you can DO (or be, or focus on) that will assist in a real way. And sometimes, first, you have to give up. Give up hope of finding it and THEN. And then. There it is. Turn the plate towards you, pick up your fork, and eat. Get back to life.

If you find this one thing (or a few things, for the Geminis ;)  then maybe… maybe… you’ll keep your head up. Because otherwise… what? Head down, swallow water, pop back up, swallow water, until your belly is an ocean but drowning is not an option.

I am really grateful to the folks who read here and comment and who have subscribed and have sought me out for readings, and generally been so supportive.  And I hope it will continue, will grow, expand. Being here, doing this, feeds my MoonPluto like nothing else.

So that’s my plan. I’m going to write my way through this transit. And hopefully help those who find me.

And you? What will you do? How will you survive the war?

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PS Mars in Cancer (making the cardinal t-square into a grand cross) wants to stabilize your three-legged table so LET IT.

Venus Square Saturn: Skin

"venus square saturn"
Michelle Pfeiffer has Venus Square Saturn

I need a boost! And I don’t have one at the ready ;) so instead I’ll post this Venus Saturn blog post that I almost wasn’t gonna…

Summer in the city. A prayer: let this be my last year of summer in the city.

So I had to go to the doctor again. Clogged pores mostly likely. Apparently I can have clogged pores anywhere (or infected hair follicles)  and I see this affliction as not unique but a product of my Venus Saturn square, Saturn ruling skin and the square making it… problematic. Transiting Saturn to my Cancer Sun kicks up this issue, inside and out.

And here’s the grumble: I’m hot and sweaty and tired of being hot and sweaty. Some days I’m out in the humid 90 degree weather for hours and I just want to cry. So I’ll take the metaphor and run with it. My life IS a clogged pore.

Venus square Saturn Question and Answer: where’s the infection? Underneath. What blooms? The ugly from inside. Where does it happen? On the surface, visible. And the cure? Well, the doctor may say one thing and your intuition may guide you towards another.

One solution: the almighty Hot Compress! Warm water i.e. self sympathy, tenderness, kindness like warm water from the tap: Mars in Cancer coming to fill in our Hot Summer In The City T-Square.

Tangent: I like the way astrologers talk about the “missing leg” of a t-square. The best metaphors are physical.

Venus square Saturn needs a REAL mirror, which is the other person. That’s when it gets better. So it’s not the mirror of vanity, but the mirror of… love? True reflection, acceptance. And then the infection becomes nothing more than… skin deep.

And you? What does your Venus need? 

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Saturn Transits Feel Like…

"saturn transit"

Saturn transits feel like someone’s turned out the light. From inside. Or maybe it’s just a another kind of light that you’re becoming. Maybe you’re a candle now or a pilot light that has to be continually re-lit because the flame keeps going.

Saturn transits force you to slow down and this slowing down is actually helpful, useful, even though you may feel helpless or without help.

Pushing will do no good so you may as well stop pushing and I hope I can take my own advice here.

It’s like this: say, God forbid, your house burns down and you’re sitting among the ruin, and what you want to do more than anything is stand up and begin. Just stand up. Begin fixing or call someone or… whatever frantic motion feels best and most reasonable. But you can’t. It’s just not time. Later it will be time. But not now. You can’t move. You’re not allowed to move. Can you imagine? Someone’s dying on the other side of the wall and you can do nothing.

Saturn is slow and Saturn teaches patience and Saturn stops. Stops us. Delays, not denies (say the astrologers!).

Saturn transits teach you the patience of Job. You may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer indignities great or small and then you must hold out your plate and ask for more, please. Still hungry.

My nature is impatient. Moon Pluto in the 1st House wants it yesterday, all problems solved, resolved, and perfect (Virgo), and yet I can live imperfectly for years.

He was blessed, you know. At the end of that story. He is blessed. I wish somebody had written a part 2. Is he traumatized? Or does he just go on, happy that things got better, even better than before. Is there a part of him that always… looks back and wonders not why but… Well, if you ever hang around traumatized people, you’ll know what I’m asking. They get a look on their face when they disappear, when they return to that time and place, and they can’t believe they got through it. I know that feeling. And a part of them is likely still back there. It didn’t make the journey to the present. It can take years to become one piece. One peace.

Don’t try to fight the transit. Follow it down. Not to where you can’t move at all, but… respect it. And maybe no one will understand why you need to do what you need to do, but you’ll know. You’ll know the difference.

What is this wasteland? It is your life.

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Moon Alert! A New Moon in Leo Quiz!

"new moon in leo"
New Moon in Leo!

New Moons are times of… ???

A New Moon in the sign of Leo could represent... ???

The New Moon in Leo is taking place in which House of your Natal Chart… ???

How I’m feeling: New Moons are hopeful times. The New Moon is before what you wanted to happen didn’t not happen ;) You have faith on a New Moon. You make a plan because you still believe something is possible. You feel young on a New Moon, you feel beginning. Potential. Planting. Seeds. Ideas. Imagining. Maybe.

And in Leo? Leo is bold and brave, courageous and proud, unique, expressive. Leo IS the Sun, warm generous light.

Put it all together and you get... ??? Something fresh, big, bright, like a jumbo-sized present Christmas morning (not that I know anything about Christmas morning but you get the idea ;)

Go on, you know want to. Break out the ears and the tail and the fur and the teeth and the big yawn and the craving for meat (or tofu!)  and the cubs and the den and the other liony things and ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR in honor of the New Leo Moon :)

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today

"axl rose"
Axl Rose: Sun Venus Conjunct

So the other day I was talking about shifting, planets changing signs and here it is, here we are: Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Leo. What do you think? Do these work well for you? Not that you have a choice but I’m curious :)

At this point? I just kind of go with it unless I hear a little alert, alarm, in my soul. My soul feels okay this morning except for my continuing applying Saturn square to my Cancer stellium. Although I write about working with energy all the time, and working with this particular energy, it has to be renewed every morning, the commitment has to be made, even when you want to go back to bed and bury your head (also a valid strategy).

Sun and Venus are conjunct now, an aspect I love in the natal and can often predict when someone has this.  I also found out, after the fact, that a few ex-boyfriends of mine had it. Ah, memory lane! Shall we drive there today?

There was the Sagittarius Sun Venus with Mars in Scorpio, the man from Dehli. I don’t know if I could call him a “boyfriend” exactly. More a product of transiting Uranus through my 7th House. Not that I didn’t want it. But when his parents finally arranged his marriage and he told me we could “continue,” well, I had to end it. Now he maintains a blog detailing his other dalliances but never mind about that ;)

And then there was the Sun Venus Scorpio, old high school buddy who thought I was The One and then changed his mind. He worked in a casino, out in Vegas, divorced with full custody of two young kids. He was busy. And unreliable.

Sun Venus shines. It’s a beautiful aspect even if “combust the sun” which is thought to be negative.

Mars is hanging on in late Gemini. The Moon is still in Cancer, now Void of Course.

What about you? Do the planetary placements call to mind old loves?

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Mars In Cancer Is A Very Good Mars

"Ru Paul"
RuPaul has Mars in Cancer!

When I’m in a restaurant and being served, my sympathy is always with the waitress. They look so vulnerable to me, out on the floor, running around, working hard (I was an awful waitress). I have Mars in Cancer.

Waiting tables is kind of like stripping but with your clothes on (and for less money) because you are on display, your femininity is your job, whether you are serving up tits and ass or bacon and eggs. And rye toast, please.

Vulnerability. I feel it. Whoosh goes the feminine energy. Whoosh she walked by again and whoosh! Hips, legs, everything else. A woman walking by. Nothing less glorious than that. And her red hair lights the wall, wrote Richard Hugo in his most famous poem.

And I feel guilty for looking. You folks who go to Hooters, how do you handle it? Do you really want wood with your wings?

So I was watching this waitress do her thing and some regulars came in and she opened her mouth and the dream died ;) Hard accented big vowels. New Jersey? You want tomato, Charlie? What? You want chocolate milk or tea? What????? What????

I didn’t love her any less. Mars in Cancer serves and protects, is sympathetic, and tends to mother even while admiring ;)

What do you observe about Mars in Cancer?

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Humpty Dumpty And More From The 12th House

"liza minnelli"
Liza Minnelli has Venus in the 12th House

This is a continuation of the previous post and inspired by some of the reader comments.

Astrologers pretty much say that the 12th House is debilitated, the dustbin of the zodiac, and I respect history, I respect the astrologers. My Cancer Sun sextiles my Saturn in Taurus: respect, protect, the elders, the family, the yearning of the ancestors.

And I agree. The 12th House is the the House of Self-Undoing, to use that famous phrase. A hidden House. We can’t really see what’s going on in there. But if you want to try, then use a little flashlight. Gain insight bit by bit. Poke around.

Imagine some moon and stars cut out and you paste them on the walls of that House, your 12th House. See it all better now. And a New Moon in the 12th House (like I’m going to have soon) could open up some of this hidden stuff like a treasure chest of… who knows???

But what about the person who lives with their 12th House, lives IN their 12th House? They need to know this energy, figure out what working with this energy means.

So if you un-do, and you will, as a 12th House person, how do you put your self (or your emotions or your love) back together again? Like Humpty Dumpty. We have to master what makes us want to give up so that we do not give up. (Tangent: the North Node is the who or the what that is with us for the journey. Have to get there. Have to find them/him/her/it/that.)

Opal on the blog mentioned Chiron in the 12th and in my post this morning I was going to say that some people only feel the compassion and then don’t act. What then?

And Amberjane with her sweet Virgo self wants to figure it all out :)

But for now, for a moment, rest in the thing without finding the answer to the thing. This is the Pisces way, I think. And I say this as a Virgo South Node. Sometimes aha moments are years in the making.

For Amberjane, if we’re talking Pisces/8th, then merging is also at stake, clinging and holding to the other (I forget why I’m using Cancerian imagery too, but it must be something she said about Cancer/4th House that inspired it.) And if Pisces is her 9th? Then maybe it’s her job to teach those in her circle and become one with the teaching. Maybe she thinks she has nothing to teach. Maybe Opal feels she has nothing to give, but they’re wrong :)

Sometimes I feel like a korban, a sacrifice. That I was given these ugh particular experiences so that I could try to help others. (Another tangent:  this is where Pluto is in your chart: Pluto shows what’s been taken away before you were ready.)

I know this is all very stream of consciousness, more so than usual even. I’ve got Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio and if you swim with me, I know you’ll open into your own stream and you’ll stop by the bank and drink and be whole again, as Robert Frost wrote.

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Venus In Leo In The 12th House: Compassion Is King

"moon pluto conjunction"
Venus in Leo

I wasn’t going to blog this morning (no time), but I then I tweeted something and realized I wanted to say more. About the elusive 12th House Venus which isn’t really elusive at all because when you meet these folks you can feel it. At least, I can feel it. Or maybe you’ve met someone and hung around him and then you see his chart and go OH! Because it all makes sense. That 12th House Venus will do unto others until the cows come home, no matter the sign.

So sometimes 12th House Venus people (or 12th House Moons or Suns) will do too much. I know this happens. They can even make themselves sick in the process. But I would look to the aspects and their 6th House situation to know more, but a reputation of legendary giving is assured for these folks.

The word I keep getting in my head is “shines” and not in terms of shinY but shines. It’s just this huge inner light and not some kind of people-pleasing do-goody type but the Real Deal.

"venus in leo"
Today's Venus in Leo CoverGirl without Make-Up

In either case, I’m trying to define something that’s Pisces and vast and Neptune and mystical and this is by no means exhaustive or the final word from me on this topic. It just came to mind this morning and I wanted to share.

I just think it’s really beautiful, it’s a beautiful placement and these people do suffer. They are in prisons not of their own making and if.. others can recognize it, well, then others can help them be free.

That seems to be one of my themes lately: limited vs unlimited, freedom vs captivity.

In either case, where your Pisces house is (and I’m going out on a Neptunian limb here) is one place where you can be FREE. Why? Because it is there where you have no limits, no edges, no bounds. You become ALL. You merge. And maybe this sounds like prison to some, or sounds frightening because it IS a loss of control, a loss of self but… Just think about it. Find the Pisces region in your chart and ask yourself: with whom, with what do I become ONE? With whom, with what do I become more free, by losing myself in the process?

For me? 7th House Pisces, loss of self in the other. Venus in the 12th, loss of self in the other. North Node in Pisces in the 7th House, there is a benefit to my doing this. Venus square Neptune: right attitude, wrong person (at times).

So that’s today’s exercise! Now do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups and you’ll be on your way :)

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Wednesday Night Astrology

"Wim Wenders"
Nastassja Kinski has Mars in Cancer

I went outside to smoke a cigarette. And it was dark, is dark, despite the little light by the side door and I didn’t want to go out back, even though out back is the yard, the grass, the opening. Too dark. Could be rats. Really. This is the city after all.

I smoked in… not the alley, but the passageway, the walk between the house where I live and the fence which separates us from the house next door: a long slim line. It felt uncomfortable not to smoke where I wanted. I felt trapped and I had to remind myself to look up. I could see some stars.

This is the point now where I relate this experience to a current transit that I’m having or that you’re having and yes it reminded me of Saturn. That stuck feeling. Limited. Limiting.

When you leave the subway each day, there’s always and I mean always someone waiting by the turnstile, ready to ask you if you have an UNlimited card, meaning that it won’t cost you anything to let them in.

So my question for you is: what makes you feel unlimited? Do you remember to look up? I always have to remind myself this. Maybe it comes from living in the city too long, you always look at the sidewalk when you walk because there are so many, well, potholes and other stuff, other places, accidents, you could fall into.

Again thinking of Saturn vs Jupiter: our need to contract vs. our need to expand and the balance between. Like smoking between one house and another.

Ever notice that your charts do BOTH at once, that your transits do both at once? You get the energy to move forward and then you stop. And then you move. And then you stop. Mars Saturn transits and aspects are famous for this: driving with the breaks on.

How do you feel tonight? Are you contracting? Or expanding? Or both? 

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"enemies, a love story"
Anjelica Huston has Mars in Cancer

Look! A shift! The Moon is at 29 Gemini. Venus is at 29 Cancer! Now, these folks, as they enter their new signs may not enter new houses (in your chart) but the sign change alone brings New Energy! And that’s just cool! Change is good! (Yeah, just keep telling yourself this ;)

What else we got? Sun in early Leo, Mercury at 29 Leo (another shift!), Mars at 25 Gemini, still solidly in those last degrees. Jupiter at 8 Taurus. Saturn at 12 Libra. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all retrograde in early degrees of Cardinal Signs.

So MoonPluto, you may say, what do you see? I don’t know what I see but I can tell you how I feel ;) a precipice-feeling. Perched on the edge. Overlooking the vista! Change in the air. Is it the Fool Card from the Tarot? Or something darker? August on the way. Still hot in the city but summer almost over.

Mars will enter Cancer soon enough and join the Cardinal-Party. He’ll oppose Pluto and square Uranus. And then square Saturn.

You’ve already been working with this energy, are familiar with this energy, of the Cardinal square/cross this summer so adding Mars to the mix? Will only drive the points/messages/lessons/concerns home that you’ve been dealing with. It could be fast. It could be disruptive. It could be intense! It could be… tiring.

I wrote a post recently about feeling transits in your body so it could play out for you that way. As always, visit your chart with your tea and your crumpet and your reading glasses, and look for your Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra houses. These are the houses of the Cardinal Cross. Look for the early-ish degrees.

I don’t think of this energy as new news for you but… what you’ve already been going through but EMPHASIZED, energized, stimulated, revved up! Remember, Mars is force so… use your energy wisely. Use your judgement. I want to say Wise Mind, but really it feels like Wise Body.

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Saturn! Discipline! Ouch?

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

What is discipline? If it’s easy to do, does it take discipline?

Today’s example: I entered Lo-Carb-Land a few months ago and I don’t find it all that hard. And I’m strict.

I miss bagels and how easy it is to grab a bowl of cereal. I miss eating HUGE bowls of cereal. These days I have to cook more. I eat more fresh food. I eat killed food i.e. at heart I’m a vegetarian but I can’t be a vegetarian on this diet and… exist. Now, that’s one point I don’t want to debate, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

My body is happier now. I look better due to weight loss. My blood-sugar, which went up and down due to carbohydrates is now more stable which has stabilized my moods considerably. And I had a cup of matza ball soup the other day and it puffed me up sooo much! I thought: I could NEVER go back to this.

On the phone with my gal pal, Susan: Omg omg omg I had a matza ball and omg there were TWO matza balls and I couldn’t eat both omg omg omg that shit is POISON I don’t care if I’m Judah HaFucking Macabee that shit is POISON I shrieked into the phone.

So am I disciplined because in many months I’ve cheated only… four times maybe, and usually under PMS duress. See, this isn’t a diet to me. It really is a lifestyle change, goofy as that sounds.

Is there pleasure in restriction? Like I wrote above, I miss being able to eat a bagel although if I ate a bagel, it would make my belly swell uncomfortably and the sugar from the wheat would spike me up and then push me down.

Saturn in our chart is where we can find our discipline, some clues into how we work it. Although I have Venus square Saturn, I also have Saturn sextiles and trines to personal planets, including Mars.

Mars sextile Saturn: the drive and the commitment to the goal are married.

And you? Are you disciplined? How’s your Saturn? 

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Two Astrologers, Three Opinions

"sun in leo celebrities"
Today's Cover Girl Theda Bara had Sun in Leo!

This morning, a pal on Twitter asked my opinion about a minor aspect in chart comparison. I was my often cranky self and I told him: sometimes astrologers miss what’s right in front of them.

And yeah he did go on to tell me about a Saturn square and a Mercury square in this chart comparison.

I also told him that as a Sagittarius Sun he was looking for the silver lining (and was that really a good idea?). With Saturn in Libra: we need reality not fantasy in our relationships. We will HAVE reality not fantasy.

What good will a quintile do (for example) or a whole fucking family of quintiles or septiles or bi-quintiles when the major aspects tell a different story. You want real synastry? Look at the Moon, look at Mercury, look at Saturn. If you can’t talk and be heard in your relationship, how is a flock of fuzzy horn-nosed rabbits gonna help you? Yes, I am hereby introducing the minor 10th aspect, the fuzzy horn-nosed-rabbit. It’s thought to be malefic but is actually benefic and is striped on Saturdays and polka-dotted on Tuesdays ;)

Bottom line: there are different astrologers out there, like anything else. It’s not one size fits all. Find the teacher who fits you.

Interesting: a client was telling me the other day that he disliked a certain reader because all they did basically was recite his  personality characteristics. You won’t ever find me doing that because I suck at doing that. I have a poetic mind meaning it works by association. I see patterns, how stuff locks in, fits together. I’ve got my gut instinct, intuition, and the nuts and bolts of what I’ve learned, and I keep learning.

This is like a reverse advertisement, but if you are looking for an expert in the minor aspects and fixed stars, it ain’t me. Maybe someday I’ll change. Maybe I’ll wake up one morning and feel otherwise. But for now, I do what I do, I do all I can do, I do my best. So there :)

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What Is That One Thing You Can’t Not Do?

"donald justice"
my teacher Donald Justice

When I was young, 23, I went to a famous Writers’ Workshop in the Mid-West. I was a poet. My undergrad teachers went there (or taught there), including Donald Justice, who took me under his wing. I was in awe of him.

After graduate school, nothing much happened. I published a little in literary journals, but couldn’t get The Book published. Papered my walls with rejection slips. For years, I saved handwritten rejections from The New Yorker. Editors seemed to like to discuss my poems more than publish them. I once got a note from The Yale Review detailing the arguments one particular poem had caused!

Some years later (after I was derailed by my mother’s death and my escape into Orthodoxy), I tried again to get The Book published. Didn’t happen. And then I started writing plays which I may or may not continue doing. I never stopped writing.

So here’s my question for you: what is that ONE THING that you never stopped doing, no matter what? No matter how it, or you, changed. Something that made you YOU maybe more than anything else. Maybe it’s partnering. Or travelling. Or dancing. Or… hell, I don’t know, but I’m curious how it is for others. Maybe some other lifelong writers out there.

What am I talking about here? Obsession. Devotion. Pluto.

Where’s YOUR Pluto? How is it aspected? Does it aspect that ONE THING you have to do in this life? 

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Talking Dirty: Transiting Mars Square Pluto

"al pacino"
Talk dirty to me, Serpico! Al Pacino has Mars in Gemini

Transiting Mars in Gemini is squaring my Moon Pluto conjunction. And Mars, right now, by degree is sandwiched between the two of them and if you wanted to be nice you could say that he’s energizing the conjunction but the truth is that it’s an unholy threesome and guess who’s getting the DP?

Me. My Moon: feelings, moods, the body.

Now, I haven’t done a full length comparison but in terms of hard aspects, I prefer Mars in Gemini compared to Mars in Sagittarius (which will make my home hurt; it’s a 4th House transit) or Mars in Pisces (which will come at me; it’s a 7th House transit). Mars in Gemini squares my 1st House, my self, my soul, gives me the illusion of control. That I only have to deal with me. (Ha!)

Mars in Gemini gives me the energy to write about it. Mars square Moon makes it emotional. And Mars square Pluto is dirty, very dirty ;) Are you an Al Pacino fan too?

What is Mars in Gemini doing to YOU? What do you WANT Mars in Gemini to do?

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today! New Moon In Leo Coming Right Up!

"famous Leos"
Count Basie had Sun in Leo!!

Let’s see, hmm…

Fire, Air, Fire, Water, Air, Earth: that’s what I see when I begin to look at the planetary placements today.

Are you Water people feeling left out? Well, don’t!

I know Venus is heading for Fire, Leo, but Mars still has to do his time in Cancer, which will be my Mars return, and yes, Mars will then join the outer planets in that Cardinal configuration which has been so stressful this summer. But fear not! (How was that? I’m practicing my positive thinking ;)

A New Moon in Leo is on the way so look in your chart for you Leo House and where you need to shine and create. Use this as a diversion when the going gets tough. Leo needs to express himself, herself, so don’t be shy about asking for what you want. Let the Leo energy make you bold! Unashamed! It’s okay!

Today the Moon is making her way through chatty witty entertaining multi-tasking Gemini. Are you feeling social? Or does she stress out your chart in some way? As always, the Moon moves fast, is moody, so off she goes to something, somewhere else, if she’s currently on your ass ;)

Sun is in early Leo, yes still plenty of time to enjoy this fixed fire energy of the summer Sun!

Mercury heading to Virgo soon soon soon and it’s time to think about the upcoming Retrograde! What do you want, need, to review and re-do and revise? Don’t fear the Retrograde! Look at it as… a way to catch up, reflect, take another look.  DO OVER. We are all works in progress :)

Venus heading to Leo, Mars heading to Cancer: shifting shifting shifting as the personal, faster moving planets change signs. Again, look to the houses to see the areas of life where you will be, feel, lit up!

The outer planets are hanging on in their usual spots. Jupiter fat and happy in Taurus despite squaring Leo. Eh, big deal! Fixed squares are no fun, but this one is kind of funny, I think. The Big Hair (Leo) vs the Big Beauty (Jupiter in Taurus).

Are you feeling beautiful enough? It’s a good time to think about your looks and appearance. Leo doesn’t leave the house without her confidence on!

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Your Transiting Redemption (Part Two)

"moon pluto conjunction"
Leo Rising, Sun in Cancer

Do you know the phrase a good death? I think I learned that phrase from my mother who was using it to describe her grandmother’s death. That she died quietly, without pain, from old age, surrounded by family. That apparently this is the kind of death that a tzadekkis earns. Simple.

This evening I got some hard news about a dog who I know and love. And I realize as I type this that some may be offended that I went from talking about a human to a dog but I know I’ve got a point buried in here somewhere, like a bone.

The dog went blind all of a sudden and yes I went to go look at my transits because this is the dog’s transit and the owner’s transit but also my transit since I work with the dog and I realized after a quick glance at the list of planetary placements and degrees that I am simultaneously having losing transits and gaining transits, for lack of a better word. Mars square Pluto and Mars trine Jupiter. Mars in my 10th House. It’s all work related. And emotional. Mars square Moon too.

Since yesterday, I’ve been getting bad news and good news, bad news and good news, things falling apart and other things coming in. And what feels like the most important thing in my life holding steady. But yet I also feel myself bracing for more bad news.

Shock is physical. Grief is physical. These processes take place in the body.  And your reality shifts. Life was one way before. Another way after. As the cliche goes, no news is good news.

I’m still feeling some shock and wondering what tomorrow will bring. Square. Trine. Square. Trine. Which will it be?

What about you? How do you react to bad news?

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Your Transiting Redemption

"moon pluto conjunction"
Leo Rising: Frida Kahlo

I think that you don’t know, can’t know, what a transit means until you live through it and then reflect.

What’s your option otherwise? Books? Other people’s experience? All valid, okay. But it’s not your own. I have some earth in my chart. I like evidence. Proof. I mean, I’ll take someone’s word for something absolutely, but… I guarantee that if I’ve gone through it? And I remember it? Then I’ve got something valuable to say. The personal extends outwards. Can you see it? Like someone stretching out their arms.

It’s like going out of Egypt to the Promised Land. It is exactly like that. And if you’ve read here at all then you know, maybe, that I occasionally lapse into Torah (Old Testament) metaphor. Sometimes? Sometimes I can’t help it :)

I love metaphors of leaving captivity and heading towards freedom. Doesn’t matter your origins. Can’t you relate? Haven’t you felt bound and then free, even if only for two seconds? Two minutes? On a Saturday Night. At a disco :) Walking down the street. First thing in the morning. Buying your groceries. In a dream. Talking to your lover. Listening to that song. Anytime, anytime, anytime. It can happen anytime. You felt free, didn’t you?

I was on the train today when I had an insight into my current Saturn transit: Saturn in Libra squaring my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. And it happened out of the blue although I didn’t yet analyze any Uranian connection.

Does this ever happen to you? The aha moment? 

And it was just shards of an insight, not the whole stained glass window. Just pieces, reflecting light. Possibility. A re-frame. I couldn’t see it all, not at all. I wasn’t allowed to. In Kabbalah, tzimtzum is God contracting his light, his Self. We can only see, feel, understand what we’re supposed to. We are limited. Sound like Saturn to you?

This  feeling was uniquely mine and yet not because I can extend it outwards if I am called on to help you with yours. With our transits? We’re not alone.

And when I got off that train I knew I was gonna run home and turn on the PC and type this to you. Type up today’s Promised Land.

And you? WHEN do YOU know what your transits mean? 

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To Worry Or Not To Worry, That Is The Virgo Question

"chrissie hynde"
Chrissie Hynde has Sun in Virgo. I wonder if she's a worrier.

Telling a Virgo not to worry is like telling a Sagittarius not to smile. Ain’t gonna happen. Not without a PLAN. Any plan. Virgo LIKES plans and planning and knowing in advance and what’s gonna happen and… Virgo gets anxious. Virgo needs to learn F L O W from her opposite on the wheel, Pisces. And Virgo needs to learn optimism from her square on the wheel, Sagittarius. And Virgo needs this and that and the other thing! Can you tell I have a Virgo Moon? I’m always trying to FIX my Virgo problems.

But what if, yes, what IF Virgo doesn’t need fixing? What then? Then what? Then the WORLD OPENS UP to Virgo and those around Virgo. Maybe NOBODY in Virgo’s little world needs fixing. Maybe everything is FINE. Maybe typing in ALL CAPS will get the message across to me and anyone else who is… worrying this morning. About money. About love. About love and money. About health. About the cats. About… life.

Yesterday I told my so-and-so: I’m scared. He told me: stop worrying. And how effective do you think THAT was? Well, it kinda was. Kinda. Sorta. Yeah.

People who mean well and express their well-meaning sentiments well: yes that helps. And people with perspective who can remind me to have faith: yes that helps. But it’s a leap. It’s a leap for Virgo. Because the problem is the mind itself. That there could be, that there IS, another way. And other people live in that magical world day in and day out!

But let’s say you don’t have time to reprogram and you get hit by a wave of worry,what do you do? Sometimes luck intervenes and your mood/the moment changes but sometimes you have work at it, PICK at it. Distraction is a fine method. So is being social: get out of your head. So is writing about it. There are any number of things you can do but the point is you must do SOMETHING. For many Virgos, being physical helps, whether it’s cleaning the house or going for a walk. The body is the antidote to the mind. The body cures the mind, don’t you think? Remember: the signs link up with the houses and you know that the 6th House is the Virgo House. Work work work, little Virgo! And define for yourself the meaning of this work because it may not be the time-clock paycheck type of work.

When I was in high school, actually junior high, I put on a bunch of weight. I eventually lost it through compulsive exercise but that’s another story ;) My point here is that… I changed my body first and then my mind changed. Now you may say, Moon Pluto, that’s not how it works. Well, I’m sorry. I’m not very politically correct and that was how it worked for ME. Change the behavior and the rest could very well follow. Or, at least, begin where you want to begin. You’ll know if it’s helping.

Today’s bottom line since I know I’m meandering: if you are Virgo Sun, Moon, South Node, etc, and you worry too much? Don’t make it worse by hating yourself for it. And if some kind soul is genuinely trying to show you another way, listen. Don’t criticize it. Just take it in.

Sometimes, too, the thing you think can’t be done is the most important thing you need to do. And is possible to do. I always return to this idea of faith (Pisces) to help the Virgo mind and moon. To look above and beyond the earth, the material, the solid, the what-you-see-here. Because there is more.

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Astro-Preggo? Your Astrological Baby Shower

"saturn in libra"

Yesterday I wrote my pregnancy post which wasn’t about a REAL pregnancy but a metaphorical one. I have Saturn transiting my 2nd House and that part of the chart, for transits, is considered to be an area of darkness in a sense: a time for planning, preparing, not yet the time for showing the world your work. And think about it: it wasn’t THAT long ago that Saturn was in my 12th, which is a hidden place.

And I was reading the comments just now from readers talking about their Astro-Preggos and it occured to me that we should have baby showers for these fake babies. Even if, say, it’s a Pluto transit and the baby won’t be born for… oh… YEARS.

So what would you buy me? Me-first says Venus in Leo ;) What would you buy for my Saturn baby? What would I buy you for your Uranus baby? And Jupiter? Neptune? Pluto? I think I’d buy a Tarot deck for a Pluto baby. I’d emphasize the Death card which is the Pluto card and not literally death but CHANGE.

And for the Saturn baby? Eh. Maybe a box of tissues ;) Or a speed bag for punching. Why? To get the frustration out. Saturn transits can feel oppressive.

And Neptune? A new pillow. Sweet dreams, baby. Jupiter? Hmm… a pinball machine. Something big that lights up and lights up the room and is fun.

Who’s left? Uranus. What does dear old Uranus deserve? A daily planner ;) a schedule book so we can keep track of his mischief.

I know these gifts are more for Mom or Dad than baby but don’t worry. Baby, in time, will tell us what she needs.

And you? Got any gift ideas for YOUR baby? 

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Lou Reed Has A Virgo Moon

"the velvet underground"
Lou Reed has a Virgo Moon

I think I will always love the Velvet Underground more than any other band. Although I will say that about other bands, depending on my mood :)

But when I hear VU, I remember surviving THE BUS. Meaning, the bus ride home, in high school. We had Walkmans then. Cassette tapes.

I found the Velvet Underground by reading Creem Magazine in the early 80s. Reading record reviews of Lou Reed solo albums. See, one thing led to another in that world. You read a review and the review would mention other bands, musicians, influences. Wish I could remember how I found Creem Magazine. Not sure. Maybe I saw it in a magazine store and just picked it up, music freak that I was.

So hearing Pale Blue Eyes on my Pandora station made me want to look up Lou Reed‘s natal chart. Would you have guessed a Pisces Sun and a Virgo Moon? Pisces for the drugs, sure. The Venus Pluto opposition also makes sense. The Velvets created pretty dark music. Dark pretty music, I should say. That Pisces Sun lives in his 12th House:  he wrote and sang often about the lost among us.

Here come the questions: Are you lost? What, or who, can find you? The years pass and the years pass and the years pass and the music stays the same, right? Little three minute time capsules and I’m back on the bus, lonely, headphoned, but I have my music. I’m very American in that way. Rock and roll saves lives. Some lives, some of the time.

And you? Who saved you? 

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How To Love A Mercury In Cancer

"Ian Curtis"
Ian Curtis had Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer? Elephant NOT Crab. Why? Because they never forget. And will never let YOU forget. Water retains. Water absorbs. Mercury in Cancer will annoy you as much as you annoy Mercury in Cancer. And what annoys Mercury in Cancer? Being teased!

The other day my so-and-so called me a “name” and I can’t say what this name was, it’s too personal, but it was a famous cartoon character from the 1970s and he claimed I was acting/sounding like this character.

Dear Reader, Fellow Stargazer, I was taken aback! I was shocked! I was mad at the time (about what, I don’t remember) and this name just made me madder. BUT in another part of my brain, I was… kinda laughing, kinda smiling, kinda WhatTheFuckDidHeJustSayWhatIThinkHeSaidDidHeJustCallMeTHAT?

I, Moon Pluto, was emotionally confused. What kind of Virgo Moon was I that I couldn’t figure out what I was feeling? What he did was… take some of the Pluto out of my Moon. And mood. I admit it. I have Mercury in Cancer.

So a message to all you light types out there or semi-light-types if any of you are reading this blog and you get involved with a dark and twisty type (and yes, I did steal that phrase from Grey’s Anatomy): we need you as much as you need us.

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Are You Pregnant?

"saturn return"
Demi Moore

I have an announcement to make. I’m pregnant.

No no no, not THAT kind of pregnant. It’s a metaphor.

When the transiting slow-moving planets are hanging out in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Houses of our charts, we have to be patient. It’s not the time for expansion. It’s not the time for culmination. No sudden moves, please.

Instead, it’s the big picture time, the long-term goal time. Does this sound sneakily Capricorn to anyone? Which brings us back to, you guessed it, SATURN.

Saturn through my 2nd House is part of my metaphorical pregnancy that will last a few years…

So here’s an exercise for ya: look in your chart for any slow-moving planets transiting your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th houses… here is where you (need to) find patience, perseverance, fortitude, inner strength, waiting, silence.

And help. Find help. Find Saturn who is Ye Old Age Wisdom. I mean, sure, it’s all natural and all, having a baby, but don’t you want a little help? Pushing that sucker out of the hole?

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