Monthly Archives: June 2011

Bad Venus And The Monster Within 4

My boyfriend’s Saturn Chiron conjunction conjuncts my descendent. And North Node. Yes, you heard me right. Anyone else would, perhaps, leave town. Leave the country. Jump in front of a speeding #7 train. But not me. I’m Venus Neptune girl. I’m Venus Saturn girl. I’m Venus Jupiter girl. Square, Square, and Sextile. My Venus is […]

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility, Part 2 7

Recently I wrote a blog post about Cancer Scorpio INcompatibility but the truth is, this match can work. Just like any of the pairings in the Zodiac can work. But I wanted to write another post about it in case I inadvertently discouraged anyone out there, any little crabs or scorpions with a heartache or […]

Saturday Morning Astrology

Good Morning, Star Gazers, here’s the round-up: Moon is in Aries but we all know that won’t last :) Nothing teaches us faster and better than the Moon: she’s gonna move! Follow her cycle and you’ll learn about yourself :) Sun? early Cancer. Are you thinking about the eclipse on July 1st? Mercury: 17 Cancer. […]

The Sun Is In Cancer: Who Are You Feeding? 13

Do you know anyone with a busy 7th House? By busy I mean a bunch of planets there or even one juicy one. I’ll never forget the first time I met my niece, who was 6 or 7 at the time, and I was amazed by her cuteness, her brightness, and her bossiness. Fellow Star […]