Surrender Surrender Surrender to Venus Neptune

"Venus square Neptune"
Embrace by Egon Schiele

Look at the float of her hair. The adoration in his posture. I don’t know what she’s looking at… I don’t want to know. I just like it.

Sensitivity to art and music is considered Venus’ domain. Neptune too. And Venus Neptune together, in any aspect. The harder aspects can bring the longing up a notch. The dreaming, the pining. The melancholy, sweet relief.

I’ve got the square and more than once have been fooled by love. Fooled by moments like the one in the painting above. The adoring man who turns out to be less than a king, less than a prince, less than zero :) I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. (There’s a joke in there. Did you find it?)

And can you blame me? With Venus square Neptune AND Neptune on my descendent AND Venus in my 12th? What’s a fair maiden to do?

The fair maiden can 1) ask her friends what they think about the guy du jour or 2) she can fend for herself and possibly land in the Neptune patch again or 3) she should definitely get feedback from trusted people but also work the art herself, whatever it is: write, paint, dance, sing, anything. Sounds simple, sounds silly, until you try it and it helps.  Listen to sad music and cry. Go to the movies and cry. Pet a puppy and cry. Venus Neptune is your tears. They are wet and tasty holy water.

Venus Neptune is the beautiful masochist, surrendering, surrendering, surrendering… but to what? Where did he go? Oh.

But you had it wrong, honey. From go.

So, let the Venus Neptune energy… out. To play. In the yard. Of your psyche. So that. You won’t. Die. Of the inglorious romantic pain that is Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus. Neptune.

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The Astrology of Failure: First House Pluto People, Part Two

"Mercury Opposition Pluto"
Pluto and Proserpina (Bernini)

Have you failed? Have you failed oftenDo you not consider it failure, but change? I have failed over and over in my life, failed to achieve things that I wanted very much. I was trying, I was doing. Maybe I was trying and doing the wrong way. Maybe this, maybe thatSo I often wonder what I can give this to, and these days I give it to Pluto, to Pluto in the First House Syndrome: the unstoppable transformation of the Self. Or feeling like you’ll die if you can’t get it right.

Failure may be another word for protection. Failure may be another word for not meant to be. Is there such a thing as the chart of a failure? Would you know it if you saw it? Do you believe in free-will? I believe in fate. 

Failure is harsh word, but it doesn’t bother me. I am drawn to it. I rather call it what it is. Call it deeply, in its own voice. Sing to it. What did you want? What did you receive instead? How did you leave? What do you want now? What is your life about?

About an hour ago, I wrote a post about Mercury opposition Pluto in today’s sky and I can feel that I’m there, still inside this transit. I have Mercury in Cancer in my natal chart, sextile Pluto (and Moon) and this energy is kicking up for me, kicking me to write about it. What transits do you crawl into? Where do you get stuck inside? 

Mercury and Pluto together go together :) In the myth, Mercury was the only God allowed to enter and exit Pluto-land so put these two in a room, and we’ve got a brotherhood, insight, a shared past of traveling through the dark, to the dark.

Mercury and Pluto in opposition push us to find the point between… the mind and the death of the mind as you know it. In other words, how will your thinking change? How does it need to change? What are you obsessed with? Who are you? Is it not the mind who self-defines? Well? 

It’s a quick transit. Mercury is quick-footed, but you can use it, you can use this time. Be Mercury inCancer. Go inside, inside the shell. Mercury is the mind. Cancer is the womb. Pluto is the birth of the idea.

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Up In The Sky: Mercury Opposition Pluto And The July Eclipse

"Mercury in Cancer"
Tarot Tree of Life

Mercury Pluto: dark words, deathly words, transforming words, healing words, words from the underworld. Words words words.

Today I went in search of the light, under a dark sky, Mercury opposition Pluto. An old friend’s daughter’s graduation and then a meal at their apartment. Hadn’t been there in… months? Leftovers from last night’s supper and good weather and leftover wine and the best conversation, exactly what I needed.

This friend is religious, Orthodox, deeply mystical, deeply… deep. And I’d been thinking about learning Kabbalah again. I have some background in it (from the religious perspective) and my astrology teacher used Kabbalah in his tarot and in his astrology. Lately, as I’ve started doing readings more, I’ve yearned to return to it.

So I asked my friend to explain a certain term for me and she embarked on a two-hour class. I took notes, asked questions. Her brainy teenage daughter was amused. This friend, a Sagittarius Sun with a helping of Scorpio is the right blend of philosophical and penetrating. And Taurus Moon eyes.

When we were finished, I felt lighter. My soul felt lighter, elevated. Even as I went to the main drag and the corner store to buy my mayonnaise and my pickles… yes… elevated. And I hadn’t thought of this before but it seems now the perfect tribute to Mercury Pluto: penetrating thoughts, intense wisdom.

I love that Isabel Hickey talks about grace when she talks about Pluto. Grace as opposed to karma. Light as opposed to darkness. Wisdom instead of struggle. Illumination, not obsession.

With Mercury in opposition to Pluto in today’s sky, it’s a great day to save lives. And souls. Save them with words, with thoughts, with your hands. Pluto is nothing if not the surgeon who cuts but also sews up the matter. 

Where is your natal Pluto? Where is your transiting Pluto? What will you oppose? What will you surrender? Submission, says Hickey, is also Pluto. And, really, what choice do we have, when faced with a Pluto transit?

We are still in eclipse season, and there’s one more trick in the great magician’s bag. Mercury, our first brave planet into Cancer reminds us of this next New Moon, the Solar Eclipse, and the changes that will enter our lives, like guests, welcome or unwelcome. What will you do? Set a place at the table? Or bar the door? Dear Fellow Stargazers, here… we… go…

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Saturday Night Astrology

"Mercury in Cancer"
Good Evening Star Gazers

Good Evening, Fellow Star Gazers… how was your day? The day’s not over yet, but it sure feels like it. Was a long one here, warm but… You don’t want to talk about the weather, do you? Let’s talk about The Sky!

Soon it will be Goodbye Gemini Goodbye as the Sun readies and steadies itself for cardinal water, Cancer! Yay! Mercury is already there, in the early degrees and :::sigh:::: opposing Pluto and making other icky aspects to other cardinal signs, you know the drill. Uranus blah blah blah Aries and Saturn blah blah blah Libra. Cancer, lovely Cancer, fills in our t-square and takes us to Grand Cross Town: a place you rather drive on through. Don’t even stop for gas!

And can you believe that Mars is still holding on in Taurus? I can. Taurus the bull is slow ;) Jupiter of course will be there for a while,  making nice with Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Venus sits not so still in mid-Gemini, asking you to chillax, be social, call up a pal. Remember to check your chart for your Venus house, maybe a little oasis of fun and cute beauty in the midst of the summer crush/crunch.

And speaking of summer, the Moon is in Aquarius. Let the water-bearer take you by the hand, poolside. There’s a party going on, lots of people, and it will only get better once the trine to Venus perfects. I’m trying to look on the bright side :) Air is fun, right? Light? Winged?

So there you have it. The news of the world may be bleak, but we have the stars :)

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The Astrology of Cat Ladies


The cats have very busy lives: there’s grooming, eating, drinking, napping, stalking, bothering humans, bothering other cats, sitting on papers, jumping to higher ground, chasing string, and more! The cats have very busy lives.

I think about this as I eat my dinner in the chair, our one kitchen chair (long story), without a table, and watch the cats. One sits in the window (screened-in, yes). Another slinks towards the Purina. And yet another… where did she go?

I never meant to become a cat lady. It just kind of… happened. And, as it happens, it pre-dates my love for astrology. Do you think there’s a connection?

Now, some meanies would probably say that… Virgo governs Cat Ladies, but I think anyone could succumb. They are beautiful creatures, smart, subtle, deeply psychic. They know what you’re thinking before you know what you’re thinking. Or maybe that’s just my cat family :)

Two of mine, Libras, were born down the hall from me, two apartments ago. It was the holiday of Sukkot. Why my landlord didn’t throw me out right then and there, I’ll never know. Must have been the season :) Because it was messy and smelly and… he was (is, he’s still alive) a very order-conscious Scorpio. By order I mean, yes, everything in its place. A stray Mama cat, orange striped, certainly didn’t fit the order of things that fall. But his wife had fallen in love with her, and one of their grown sons also had, and when it was time to give birth? We let her in.

But back to the astrology: the eccentric cat ladies could be Aquarian. The animal-shelter worker could be Pisces, as long as they have a very tough Moon, at the very least. The “okay, just one more” could be a Cancer, thinking that no one else could mother as well as they could. Leos recognize the cats as family, but get disappointed if they’re standoffish and not lap-cats. Aries? Probably wants a Maine Coon. Or is that Leo? Scorpio favors black cats. And Taurus? Well, the Taureans I know prefer plants to pets although have fond memories of family cats.  And around the zodiac we go.

What about Virgo you ask? Well, all cat ladies surely must be Honorary Virgos, compassionate, tending to the small things of this world.

Note to self: allow yourself only one cat post per month

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Girlfriend From Another Planet (Got Pluto?)

"Moon Pluto"

Ever notice that even if the ex-girlfriend is the same sign as you, or has similar placements, that she’s not like you at all. Or she’s the lower vibration of the sign. The very worst of the sign. Or that her sign and ruling planet don’t EXIST in our galaxy. That’s right, she’s an alien :)

Am I a jealous type? Yes, I am a jealous type, and I’m not even a Taurus or a Scorpio. If he’s with me, then he’s with me, and yes talking to or looking at any other woman is grounds for my jealousy. Once again I exaggerate to make a point. Just a little ;)

But the truth is, I don’t want to hear about the ex-girlfriends, not even neutral information because none of it IS neutral. And not that he does this, except once… by accident. In context. And once was enough. Because now? It runs through my brain like a wild horse and a wild horse needs to be free. Not trapped in my Virgo brain. (Cue wild horse sound effect.)

It’s said that Venus Saturn people (may) find love later in life. I’m 40 and I have a past. So does he. But I also have Venus Neptune and I can pretend that his past doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t. Those legendary gals are long gone. And I know some people are more open-minded, more detached, more calm than I am but… This Venus in Leo can’t pretend. Venus in Leo needs to be the Queen. Venus in Leo IS the Queen. Never mind that her castle is 12th Housed.

In our composite chart, there’s a Mars Saturn opposition, and I’ve written about this before. I know I’m the Saturn :) A friend of mine said to me the other day, “Every man wants a jailer.” Maybe I should have him call me Satty for short. Or Satie, a melancholy composer of some reknown whose music you can listen to during those Venus Neptune moments. But I digress. Mercury is still in Cancer.

Relationships are what they are: challenging, fun, definitely worth it. And Moon Pluto relationships are about transforming our emotions. Exhaustingly so. Did you change yet? Did I? Are we better? Are we our best selves? Am I still jealous? Are you?

You know what helps though? A sense of humor. It’s always the last thing I remember that I have. It’s buried somewhere under a mountain of Bergman DVDs. Also, letting the air out. Jealousy can’t thrive if you poke a hole in it. Expose it to the possibility of genuine intimacy, genuine security, genuine love, genuine genuinity. Yes, I made up that word just now.

I tell him that he’s a smart man. And he must be, for choosing me. Over and over.

Isn’t love a choice? Well? Isn’t it?

Note to self: no more mushy posts

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First House Pluto People

"Pluto in the First House"
Pluto and Friend

Pluto in the First House leads to regeneration of the self. The old self dies and a new one is born. Over and over, throughout a life. The first astrologer I ever consulted, shortly after my graduate school days, told me that the First House Pluto was like an onion, peel back the layers and the layers and… “you will confuse people” she said. “You’ll surprise them. They’ll feel like they never know you.” Has this been your experience? It’s been mine.

Pluto Rising can signify a difficult birth, near death experience for mother and/or baby. For me though, the difficulty came later, but not that much later :)

But wherever Pluto is in your chart is where you can experience similar themes: death and rebirth. And this isn’t to say that the rebirth is painless or easy. It’s not. But Pluto is a fact just like your chart is a fact and your experience. Look to the aspects for more information.

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The Astrology Of Place: One More In Honor of Mercury In Cancer Trine Neptune In Pisces

"The Astrology of Place"
The Astrology of Place

The 4th House is our home, and half of the parental axis. The 3rd is our short trips. The 12th is our cloister, who we are when we’re alone. The 1st is our body. Each house in the wheel is a place.

Where do you find yourself the most? Can you see it in your chart? The astrology of place is the astrology of inside and outside, of sun and moon, of the every day and the dark night of the soul.

Do you live in your mind? Do you live in the world? 

Today, I found myself in a classic New York City diner on the West Side. I ordered my breakfast and a cup of coffee. Half and half please. The diner is the City Life home away from home. My food came. It was delicious. No, no more coffee. I’m fine, thanks. I don’t live near this diner, but they know me. An ex boyfriend and I used to come here once a week at least, cuddle up in a booth. He never wanted to taste my food. Was that a sign? ;) That relationship has changed to friendship now, but the diner remains the same. Same weekly specials, same dependable food, same big plates.

What is the astrology of being a regular? What is the astrology of a good hot cup of coffee? What is the astrology of the counter, the waiter who remembers you, the little mints by the register, the clean, empty bathroom?

I wonder if I should give this to the 11th House, impersonally personal. Meeting place. Groups. Friendship. Not so intimate.

We come here to eat, to stop, to cool off, to sit down, to feel the community around us, safely. It’s different than the chaos of the subway. It’s where we can rest.

What about you? Where’s your home away from home?

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Love Advice for Virgos And Other Worriers

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Marc Chagall

The sign of Capricorn rules my 5th House. I am not the Life of the Party (according to Isabel Hickey).  I am Saturnian in Love.

So what happens when the Life of the Party falls in love with… Not the Life of the Party?

Dear Fellow Star Gazers, I have Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, Virgo Rising, and Virgo South Node. Give me my corner, a diet Dr. Browns, and someone smart and nice to talk to, and I’m fine. I’m also exaggerating to make a point.

But to answer my own question: Respect the Differences. When Death of the Party meets Life of the Party and love ensues… each needs to do their own thing sometimes. And then compare notes later, of course.

Dear Sweet Caring Virgo: do not nag the Party Animal especially during the party. In this solid and sound love-ship, you know the Animal comes home to you. Fear Not The Party.

Some severe Virgo types tend to condemn others, especially those who have fun well. I think this is simple jealousy, which isn’t so simple. These Virgos long for a life they have no clue how to approach.

O Virgo Moon, if only you could stop thinking for the night. Yes, a beer could help, but briefly. Is it worth it? Probably. 

Virgos need to yes more, to love more, to give more. And I don’t mean they need to give more advice or their two cents or what they think is best. Try praise instead of fix-its. Encouragement instead of details. Leave it open.

But I’m a Virgo! says Virgo. That’s what I DO! Okay okay okay, I know. But still. Can’t we meet in the middle? Pisces opposes you but has something to teach you. Learn it. Swim! Just a little? Please? Dear Virgo? You know I love you :)

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The Astrology Of The Poet: Mercury Trine Neptune

"Mercury trine Neptune"
Poetry Magazine

Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces today so I’m wondering who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. Do you feel poetic? I think of Mercury trine Neptune as the poet’s aspect, although there are others.

And because this aspect is happening now, in water, it is accessible to all of us. Mercury, words, meet Neptune, inspiration. Mercury, writing, meet Neptune, dreams. Mercury, hands, meet Neptune, the bottle ;) Yes, many famous writers were famous drunks as well.

This aspect is transiting, and Mercury moves fast, so make use of this free, free-flowing good vibration while it lasts :) Because with Mercury trine Neptune, all your poems are love poems.

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Moon Alert! Moon in Capricorn

Marc Chagall

When I was learning my astrology basics, the first thing my teacher said about Moon in Capricorn was duty.  Duty duty duty.

Since that time, I made friends with a woman who calls her Capricorn Moon stingy.  And then there’s the Mars in Capricorn guy who can save at the market and clip coupons better than any budget shopping housewife.

How do these qualities relate? Duty, responsibility, frugality?

Capricorn, Saturn, is serious, and when Capricorn fails to live up to Saturn’s way… you can smell trouble a mile away. Stinky goat!

One of Capricorn’s jobs is to achieve, to climb. How does this relate to the Moon? Well, the Moon is way up high!

The Moon is also our feelings and some may complain that a Capricorn Moon is so shy and so insecure that… Hey, wait a minute.

Will the real Moon in Capricorn stand up? Show us your hooves!

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North Node Meditation Instruction

Read the instructions all the way through at least once, before beginning

1. Find the sign of your North Node

2. Sit quietly, on the floor or in a chair, wearing comfortable clothes. Lotus position not necessary

3. Take a few deep breaths, in and out

4. And begin to imagine the North Node glyph, like a keyhole, and imagine yourself stepping through it

"Katagiri Roshi"
Meditation and Baby

5. What do you find? It’s up to you. Try a relaxing image that matches the sign of your North Node. Is it Taurus? Try a field. Cancer? An ocean

6. And using words, or not, imagine yourself receiving guidance, receiving wisdom, receiving comfort from this sign. Capricorn? What does the goat have to tell you? Aries? Listen to the ram. Try using the glyphs, the imagery, the archetypes. Prepare to receive

7. And let your mind relax,  relax, relax, let your body relax relax relax, keep breathing, with your guidance and your wisdom and receive. Or for you Aquarians out there: download :) Go slow, go easy, peaceful, quiet

8. Do this for one minute, two minutes, three minutes, four, five, however long you want

9. And when you’re ready, when you feel the flow of energy slowing down, when you feel calm, calmer, downloaded, bring yourself back to the present moment. Step back through the keyhole… to your life.

10. These are the basics. Go through the steps as slowly as you can. You can even try this before bed instead of that fifth vodka martini ;)

But seriously: Your North Node is you talking to you, your higher self, which is really all the wisdom you need.

And if you do this meditation, I’d love to know what you discover.

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Cancer The Crab Carries Its Home On Its Back


How will Cancer fare when it joins the cardinal family T-Square to make a Grand Cross? As I write this, Mercury in Cancer is at 0 degrees, Saturn is at 10 Libra, Uranus is 4 Aries, and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 6.


It will fare sensitively. Weeping may occur. Seclusion. The desire to return home. Or to the womb. Same thing? Escapism to rival the best of Pisces.

"Mercury in Cancer"
Cancer the Crab

Other options include the high side of Cancer: nurturing self and other. Food, feeding, resting, suckling, comforting, holding, supporting, carrying. Make your house your home. Themes of mothering and setting up camp in the midst of change and pressure. Nap often. Cancer is smart. It knows when to retreat.

When you carry your home on your back, you can go everywhere, even when you don’t want to go anywhere.

So as Mercury in Cancer crawls along and the Grand Cross perfects, remember you can… bake about it or talk mysteriously about it or Tarot about it or… whatever you want. Cancer makes you feel at home.

Today’s heresy: Cancer really is the heart. Sorry Leos! Cancer is the mother, the heartbeat of the mother, the life, and I think that’s what I’m going to listen to this month as we consider the next eclipse, the new moon, in the sign of Cancer.

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The Journey Is The Path Is The Way Is The North Node

I love working with and thinking about the Nodes and how our North Node can be a difficult albeit necessary place to reach. And is like a puzzle. You look to the sign, you look to the house, you look to the aspects: how does it all fit together? Who are you? Who are you meant to be? The Nodes can help you answer this. 

"North Node"
The Traveler Sets Out

When I learned that my North Node was in Pisces, I went on a research-binge, learning everything I could about Pisces, about how to be Pisces. See, my lessons, in this lifetime, are about distance from the Virgo and about getting closer to the fish. Not to abandon Virgo, because I need Virgo, need to do the high side of Virgo, but… I am moving towards this other… animal.

And I used to think that the North Node was a little like Saturn i.e. a point of difficulty or challenge or fear or work but now I see it lighter, in motion, traveling traveling traveling because the road is the way is the journey is the destination is the process is the… North Node, always in action in your life. The Nodes have to do with our responses. Do we go the way of the South? Or the way of the North?

Do you think about your North Node and how to get there? I think this spot in the chart can begin to unlock the locked, the locked up. When you feel caught, stuck, fixed, habitual, exhausted… look at your chart, print it out, look at the funny little Nodal glyph and… enter it. It’s a whole new world :)

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In Praise of Mercury in Cancer

Our friend Mercury is in the late degrees of Gemini and you know what comes after Gemini, right? The sign of the Crab, the sensitive sideways mover, the mother of indirectness: Cancer.

Now I’ve got Mercury in Cancer and yet I do not feel qualified to speak on this topic. See, I usually think I’m being straightforward and direct but Cancer’s reputation is otherwise so… what’s the truth?

"Mercury in Cancer"
Mercury in Cancer

Because I’m at such a loss, I’ll tell a story, an old one: In the Garden, the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Life, God pretty much wanted to know who started it. Well, Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent and you know what? I kinda doubt that any of them had Mercury in Cancer. More like Mercury in Blurt i.e. fire.
Mercury in Cancer is sensitive to others. Mercury in Cancer doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Mercury in Cancer can feel other people. When I go on the train each day? I can feel if a person is… ready to get rowdy or totally neutral or crazy-dangerous or crazy-not-dangerous. Mercury isn’t just how we speak but how we write, think, understand, perceive. Communication. It goes both ways.

Mercury in Cancer isn’t necessarily quiet, but can be subtle, so subtle that you miss it, and it remembers EVERYTHING. Water retains. You say something that hurts Mercury in Cancer? They’ll remember forever and possibly bring it up, kindly, gently, sensitively the next time you do that thing or say that thing.

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Don’t Shut the Door: Venus Square Saturn, Part Three

So what will help the Venus square Saturn native? Age (Saturn), experience (Saturn), steadfastness (more Saturn), time (Saturn, again). And not shutting the door. Not… turning up your nose at what is offered. I tend to identify the Four of Cups with refusal, which reminds me of Venus square Saturn.

"Venus square Saturn"
Venus square Saturn and the Four of Cups.

What does it mean to not shut the door? It means that when someone gives you news of your Venus square Saturn in action or you yourself notice it, that you are in a cycle of rejection, of self or other, that you don’t shut down, that you don’t give up and think to self: hopeless hopeless hopeless, I’ll never learn (Saturn). Because Venus square Saturn guarantees that you will learn time and time again

I am fixated on this aspect because I live with this aspect every day and it has dogged me throughout my romantic life and I am working (Saturn) with it now because I want love (Venus). I want lasting (Saturn) love (Venus). And I know I’m not the only one. And I know there are other aspects, other difficult aspects. The power and desire of Venus Pluto, the hot and cold of Venus Mars, the runaway thrill of Venus Uranus, the sad confusion of Venus Neptune.

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Wednesday Morning Astrology (Eclipsing!)

There it is again: the silence. It’s early morning. Early-ish. In the Big City. I hear the birds outside. Someone pressing buttons on their cell phone out back. The computer humming. My fingers typing. One cat purring and… my own thoughts inside my head, sleepy thoughts. The astrology? Read on to find out!

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What Not To Do On A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

1. Fight with your boyfriend

2. Experiment with  your blog’s template (Sorry for the Under Construction look)

3. I don’t know if there is a three. All I know is that #1 and #2 are enough. Yesterday I felt agitated, emotional. And today? Today came the tears. Poor thing, the boy. He handled it well though. He even said the S-word. Sorry. First time I’ve ever heard him say it. I blame the lunation.

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Hidden Fire of the Virgo Rising (Eclipsing!)

I was preparing my second cup of coffee this morning and delighting in the sound of the birds from outside. I started thinking about the 12th House and wondering if 12th House people need quiet and solitude more than others. What do you think?

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Full Moon Agitation (Eclipsing!)

I wish the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse would eclipse my agitation. I wish the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse would eclipse my worry. I wish the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse would eclipse my inability to…

You know, I wasn’t going to write this morning. I was going to take a break. If I wanted to. But with the Sun and Mercury traveling together in talky Gemini, which mimics my own chart (I have Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer), the keyboard is an extension of my fingers, an extension of my being :)

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Inject Certainty: What is Doubt?

Miss Mia of Mia Astral taught me a word today, a Spanish word, certeza. We were chatting on Twitter and she used the phrase “inject certainty,” which I loved because wow what a physical metaphor, a beautiful image. And when I laughed at the idea of “certainty,” she gave me certeza.  A gift of a word.

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Venus Saturn in Real Life Part Two

That the square is different than the opposition because the opposition (more readily) brings a partner to help work it through. Remember an opposition brings someone from outside you.

That the Venus square Saturn person gets close, then pushes away, gets close, pushes away. That’s the dynamic. It’s that way on the inside too. Inside them.

That this dynamic is likely unconscious. That when it’s pointed out to them, it’s likely to hurt. So if you have a Venus square Saturn partner, timing is important. I mean, if you don’t want them to hate you ;)

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Monday Night Astrology (Eclipsing!)

It can be easy to give advice. It is harder to see your own blind spots, how you behave. You can be so sure… that you are on the right track until someone comes along and says, “Hey! Do you realize that you…” This sort of news can be shocking. This sort of news may be Eclipse-worthy :)

Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy. Now, I’m not saying all you Sadges out there know it all, but… sometimes it’s worth it to listen to the messenger. And when you hear some news and it feels like a punch in the gut. Well, that’s a sign.

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The Astrologer and the Donut

I’ve been on a low/no sugar diet since… early May and everything is better: my blood sugar, my stomach, my moods, and I’ve lost some weight.  And this is not a diet, not temporary, but the way it has to be. Virgo Moon requires health, optimum functioning.

The Moon now is in late Scorpio but I’m telling you I feel the approaching Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius which will square my Moon and Pluto. I feel agitated, emotional. Yes, more agitated and emotional than usual :) So when I walked into the coffee shop to get my coffee, and I saw the chocolate cake donut with the white cream sticking out, I… didn’t think twice.

I walked to work, eating and drinking (very New York), making only a small mess :) And afterwards I enjoyed a good 20 minute sugar-high. Previous to this, my sugar highs, when I ate a steady diet of bread and noodles and rice and Balance Bars and the occasional cookie, were short lived, minutes long. But this? Concentric waves of pleasure up and down my body. My body, my temple, was in chocolate-caked-cream-filled heaven.

What’s the astrology? This Full Moon eclipse will make most of us more emotional, agitated, and for those of us with a Moon getting hit? Make sure to duck. Take care of yourself. If you need a donut, then eat a donut. Eat a BIG FUCKING DONUT. Sagittarius is BIG. Jupiter is BIG. Make no apologies. Just make sure to.. wipe your mouth when you’re done says Virgo Moon :)

Note to self: sometimes the poison is the medicine

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