Taurus/Cancer Compatibility 6

Now this is an interesting match. These two signs sextile, which means, potentially, they go together nicely. Earth and water. But as the saying goes, what do earth and water make? Mud!

Taurus is slow-motion, sensual, stubborn. My Taurus roommate takes 2 hours to get ready before leaving the house. Cancer can be impatient, moody, and a gooey pool of love beneath that hard shell. Does Taurus like to peel back the layers? Maybe for something tasty underneath!

Taurus and Cancer are both security driven. Taurus may be more loyal than Cancer, but Cancer will answer Taurus’ call for nurturance and sustanance, home and hearth.

And in the bedroom? Both these signs love to touch, they need to touch. Taurus could touch a beautiful piece of fabric all day long, but a body is better. And when Cancer is flowing, Taurus is solid. Cancer can lean on Taurus and Taurus will not break. Taurus is the ripening field. Cancer is the emotional stream! Mutual appreciation for each other’s natures.

One snag to watch out for: if both individuals have a tendency towards depression, melancholy, low moods, there could be a stand-off pity-party without end. Taurus refusing to budge from his emotional state and Cancer drowning in her own waters.

I do give this match my seal of approval though, provided that their charts have a touch of fire and/or air to lighten things up. Love needs to soar and too much ground may… turn this potential romance into friendship. And that’s not so bad, except when it is!

Note to self: write about the unparalleled sweetness of the bull

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6 thoughts on “Taurus/Cancer Compatibility

  • Michel

    Having a Taurus midheaven makes you attractive to Tauruses, I believe.

    But a 12th house Venus could cancel that out.

    (Is it Tauruses or Taurii? Can’t quite decide…)

  • Michel

    Ha! No it was something I read up on t’interweb, couldn’t quite remember where, but the theory is that where the midheaven sign lands makes that person attractive to that sign.

    Mine is Taurus (in Placidus, but Gemini whole signs) and I have noticed those Tauruses do seem a lot friendlier, but having a 12th house Venus they were unavailable (married and kids).

    Could be complete bollocks, though.

    • alizamoonpluto Post author

      Oops! Moon in Leo has expanded my ego today ;) I also have Venus 12 and also Gemini MC..
      I agree with what you read, the MC not just being career but also how the public sees us, what they see….

      You must redeem your 12th House Venus, Michel! I wrote a bunch of posts on this when I was writing at Elsa’s. Maybe a few here too, but honestly can’t remember. It’s becoming a blur :)