Me And My Venus: Dumb About The Penis People

"Venus Trine Uranus"
A Streetcar Named Desire

So I was talking to my boyfriend and I was remembering that my natal Uranus trines his Venus, exact I think. And I said to him, “Venus trine Uranus! Your love shocks me.” It’s a good shock though. It’s a trine. But a shock all the same. Shockingly good. Shockingly loving. Loving the shocks. Whatever. Electric Luv.

And then he said that he was like a little kid with a crush. That he liked shocking me.

And then a light went off in my head and this light also spoke. The light said to me: DUH. And I said to myself, and to him, I am DUMB about the Penis People. Um, was dumb.

Freud asked “What do women want?” But I have had to learn what do men want. Something so simple, as basic as a boy with a crush on a girl…

Give me 12th House issues? Got it. Give me Venus Saturn? Got it. Venus Neptune? That too. The agony and the ecstasy and the obsession? Been there. Yep. Hand me your tired, your weary, your emotionally spent, your dark night of the soul. I’ve walked in those shoes. But this? This pure feeling? So sweet and childlike?

Let me tell you: Moon Pluto people are not normal. We did not have normal lives. Crushes? Childhood? Was there a childhood? There was not a childhood. I have so many sextiles in my chart that I wonder if the chart looks as dark as it was, as it is, growing up. I wonder this.

So here I am, a grown woman needing a code-breaking and I’m grateful my boyfriend (such a silly word but it makes me smile inside) can translate for me when he realizes that’s the problem.

I am getting less dumb about the Penis People. Are you?

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Your Stars Today: Sun Opposition Pluto

"Moon Pluto"
from my play, Blood

I started writing plays for Moon Pluto reasons. I wanted people to know, wanted an audience to know how it felt inside my head. Truth is that I didn’t set out to do this, but it was the result. And I noticed. The agony, the ecstasy, the obsession, desire, emotional intensity, gunk.

And I recommend this method: make art that reflects your insides so that you can deal with your insides, your demons and your angels. Call it therapy, call it art, call it a 5th House issue, creating something out of nothing. Doesn’t matter. Survival. Don’t we need this? More than diet books? More than celebrity weddings? More than ads for sexier underwear? More than despair? Don’t you need this?

I also started writing plays because a friend, who became my mentor, saw me struggling to get my book of poems published. He suggested I try writing a ten-minute play, a common form these days. I took his advice and I fell in love with the theatre, with the production process, with writing for actors, for the voice. Profound collaboration.

So I’m going to say it again: with the upcoming Eclipse in Cancer, your feelings are all the rage. Not just your home, not just your family, not just your kids, not just your husband, your mother, but you, your core, your moon, which rules Cancer. Feelings, memories, photographs, the past. Who you were.

And with the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto in the sky now, your feelings are full of power and devotion. Yes, devotion. Pluto is nothing if not relentlessly devoted to your changing. Cornering you. Making you. Die. To yourself. So to speak. :)

Today’s wisdom: screw the grand cross and the heavy eclipse energy beating you down. New Moons, and this is a New Moon eclipse, are about beginnings, plantings, intentions, ideas, potential, starting. Work the cross like a big puzzle.  A piece of Aries, a piece of Capricorn, a piece of Libra, a piece of Cancer and whatever your natals are, whatever the configuration. Throw the pieces up up up in the air and… how will you put it together? What do you want your life to look like?

And, dear Reader, fellow Star Gazer, the Sun is in Cancer, so feed yourself, and then, like a good Plutonian, disseminate!

Hey, baby it’s the 4th of July!

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In Honor Of Cancer Season I Bring You Mars

"Sun in Cancer"
Famous Cancerian Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice

A Public Service Announcement from my Mars:

I have Mars in Cancer. I dislike trashy images of women. Images that denigrate or trivialize or exploit. Mars in Cancer is protective of women and their dignity is always foremost in my mind.

I know this goes against the grain of much of the world today. This is a touchy subject for many, especially in a supposedly post-feminist American society, and I’m just barely scratching the surface here. Not going into the nuances at the moment.

Times are hard, times have always been hard. I don’t begrudge women the need to make a living. What does get to me though is… it seems nothing has changed. That women’s value is still based on their parts. I also think men and women tend to underestimate the power of these images and how they hurt, how they create impossible standards, how they lead to eating disorders, obsession with plastic surgery etc etc etc. Self-hatred for generations.

Any images you see here, I hope, if they are of women, will be of strong and interesting women. Because if I had a daughter, that’s what I’d want her to see.

The commodification of women and their sexuality (and sex in general) is not a new story but it’s not a story I’m going to tell, other than from the point of view of Mars in Cancer, which sustains and protects.

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NYC People, Please Read: Moon Pluto Classes

"Moon Pluto"
Burmese Zodiac Wheel

Looking to see if there’s any interest in a class or series of classes, local i.e. would be in New York City. Classes would likely cover how to master your own moon pluto emotions, using astrology and other techniques. Natal moon pluto aspect not required :) Email me moonpluto@gmail

And I can’t really wrap my mind around a :::gasp::: Webinar but if there is non-local interest, well… let’s just see what turns up :)

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: How Are You Feeling?

"New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer"
famous Cancerian

I swear, yesterday I felt the eclipse energy passing through me. Like a train. And I was on the train at the time. It reminded me of a Tenebrae service that I went to years ago and if you are familiar with this service then you know it gets real noisy at one point, and when that happened, I felt a spirit, or spirits rush past me. Don’t know what “they” were, just that… the church was alive. And sometimes I wondered if it was just the energy raised by all the people in the room, feeling and praying and not a spirit at all. Or, is that what spirit is.

When the eclipse energy passed through me, I was on my way to the city at the time, writing a letter to my boyfriend and listening to the same song on my iPod, over and over, for 35 minutes. I wanted to keep the mood going. I was raising energy too.

I got off the train and I heard from him even before I sent the email and the mood broke and all was well but I needed to be in that place, confined, for a little while to work it through. This is what churches are for, what trains are for, what eclipses are for: to contain your energy. And when you emerge? You are new.

The energy of the Grand Cross and the eclipse may make you feel confined. Look to the Cancer house in your chart that’s being filled in now and remember what Cancer is about: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Nurturing, mothering, birthing, protecting.

Do you have an eclipse story? How are you feeling? 

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Working With The Mind: Sun In Cancer Advice For Moon Pluto People And Others

"Sun in Cancer"

I feel very equipped to talk to you about this now because I’m going through it myself: working with the mind. And body, actually, because the two are always connected, never far apart.

And this morning I was going to write about Libra, I was going to begin writing about signs that I’ve been neglecting. But instead I’m working with the mind. My mind. And maybe these two go together since Libra IS the mind, it’s an air sign, like Gemini, like Aquarius. Air signs think. I’m a water sign: I feel. Libra balances. Libra re-balances. With Saturn in Libra, we are all up to this important work, but Saturn-style. Doesn’t always feel… nice (Libra). And yet the two, like body and mind, go together.

I need to get air (mind), get faith (or inspiration, fire) and get earth (solid) to work with the mind. Need to work the elements, especially the elements that you lack in your chart. This is easy to do: just count them up. And try counting ONLY the personal planets and your ascendent. Who are you? I am Earth, Water, Earth, Water, Water, Water, and Fire. Where’s the detatchment? Where’s the perspective? It’s hard to find.  I need to find it. Now you may have a different combination. You may need to learn sensitivity or compassion. Balance, re-balance. 

So what do you do when thoughts are bothering you? And you try to run from them and they keep coming.  One of the best things to do is let them be there, off to the side a little. Not fighting them but not getting involved either. Ancient meditation practices of returning to the breath, focusing there, gently, never goes out of style. Unlike celebrity fashion :) Try not to get involved in the story or get upset that thoughts are there. Let them be. Let them sit, the way the cats sit. Look at the cats in the room now. Do you see them? See how unconcerned they are with thoughts. Be like them. Because so much of the tension comes from fighting it. That’s where panic comes from. From fighting what is coming up inside. Be like Joy Adamson and Elsa the lion. Friends. Friends with your thoughts.

And I’ve talked about this before: that your thought is a baby in your arms. You don’t yell at the baby when the baby cries. you don’t hit the baby. You don’t insult the baby for crying. You soothe the baby. You love the baby. You tell the baby: there, there, it’s going to be okay. Whether you believe it or not. Faith.

This metaphor and this technique is the essence of Cancer, which is where our Sun is now so if you are having trouble with your mind, you can tap into this energy which is covering the earth, mother earth, mother energy, which is love.

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Neptuneland: Why I Love Drug Movies

Ally Sheedy in High Art

I was never into drugs, but I’ve always loved drug movies and am watching High Art, a movie I love. I saw it when it came out and then found it on Netflix streaming a couple weeks ago. This evening I find myself under the weather and needing to do next to nothing so am watching it again.

They say the fondness for drugs (when used as escape) is a Neptune problem. Same for movies, also Neptune. And these movies that I love don’t have to be tragedies, although they sometimes are, and truth is I’ve never analyzed why I like what I like. I just do. And, in particular, heroin movies.

Spare me the cocaine party people or anything that makes you up up up. There was a romanticism to heroin and the heroin movies that drew me in. Maybe it has something to do with my childhood crush on Keith Richards (addicted to it for years). And maybe it has something to do with my Pisces descendent or my Venus in the 12th, or my Venus square Neptune. Supposedly I’m supposed to fall for drunks and addicts. It’s in the stars, right? Well, do movies count? They must, in some small way.

Andy Warhol’s Trash, Sid and Nancy, Panic in Needle Park, and Rush to name a few and the more graphic the drug use, the better. And the more lovely the better. If you consider vomiting lovely.

Where do you go for your Neptune? Where’s your Neptuneland? Do you sleep? Do you dream? Imagine yourself in far away places? Float away? Have psychic visions? Have compassion for the world? Love too much? Dream of a life that can’t possibly be real?

Ah, but it is real, little Neptune. In the world of dreams and movies, it is real

Neptune transits can be insidious. Isabel Hickey wrote that… with Neptune we are supposed to stick with what we know. The chance for delusion is so high (pun unintended). And the inherent pain of Neptune is that when reality comes, it can feel like your bones are breaking, and your heart. I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my chart so I live this daily, wondering what is real and what is my fantasy. And I hate waking up from the dream.

Howard Sasportas, in the book I’m reading, tells a story about Hickey, who he studied with, that when she saw someone with a heavy Neptune/Pisces signature in their chart, she would tell them “Serve or suffer,” and send them on their way :)

So this evening I am pondering this, how to turn it around in my own chart. How to use my Neptune better. And the first thing I think of is: dream dreams that have nothing to do with anyone else. Dream dreams that take only me to fulfill. And already I can feel it, that I’m sliding too much into Saturn. Always balancing that opposition.  Serve or suffer. Serve and suffer. We need both. We need the dream and we need to make it real.

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Your 8th House And You: Shoot The Moon

"the 8th House"
Diane Keaton in Shoot the Moon

I think the 8th House is also the body. Because we meet others there, inside it, inside the life of this house. The 8th House is our deepest relations with others. Sex, intimacy, death, and that interesting 8th house catch phrase ” other people’s money.” Resources shared. What gets exchanged. In death, matter is exchanged for spirit. And yet both are real. In sex, I believe matter is also exchanged for spirit. Our deepest selves engaged.

Last night I finished watching Shoot the Moon. Albert Finney, Diane Keaton, Peter Weller, directed by Alan Parker. I remember when it came out. 1982. I was 12. Now I love dark movies, but this movie is truly dark, about a falling-apart marriage and people whose unconscious drives, very Plutonian, seem to pop up wherever and whenever, often violently and in the family.

And there’s no resolution at the end, which I like, which feels good to me.

I think the 8th House is the body because it’s where we find other people, the people closest to us, whether we want them there or not. The 8th is also their legacy and ours, which becomes what we give, what we have to give, to others. Again, the idea of the exchange. So, we are all this… energy, like Yesod in the Tree of Life. Regenerative. Reproducing.

In my previous post I was speculating about what causes a person to seek help and the idea that we aren’t alone out here, in here, in the world. Well, look to your 8th House to see where you are not alone. Look for Scorpio, look for Pluto. These are ties that bind.

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You Must Change Your Life, But How? When?

"Moon Pluto Astrology"
the 8th House

What has to happen before you make a much needed change in your life? How much pain do you need to be in? I think you do need to be in pain to save yourself from a seemingly intractable problem or at least begin the soul-aching process. Otherwise, you’d just continue on as you were. Although people do call astrologers and other helpers before the point of excruciating pain, for validation, for hope, for guidance, for explanation. All of this is valid. I call my astrologer and my Tarot lady too, and if I had a Rabbi or a Priest, I’d call him/her. I seek wisdom.

And you can hear it in someone’s voice, whether they are at bottom or whether it’s still an intellectual exercise for them and they’re not there yet, not ready to dive in. Not ready to act. Still swimming in the mind, under the transits, under the chart. In the Jewish tradition, we are taught that we are above the stars. Similarly, Edgar Cayce said that the stars impel, not compel. Is it true?

If someone calls me up with a problem, I respect the problem. I mean, there is meaning in it, even if my job is to help them get out of the woods. Give them a flashlight, with fresh batteries, and a new pair of shoes because there are snakes in the woods, and creepy-crawlies. And then walk with them.

Mercury is the trickster and the mind is tricky, it works to keep a person fuzzy, protected. An analogy: the way not all traumatic memories come back at once. We remember/feel only what we can handle. And when we can handle more, our minds open. And like a boil, if you pop the skin, then pus comes out, and who wants that when there’s work to do and children to feed and whatever you need to keep your life smoothly running.

Sometimes I suggest baby steps, little by little. Your mind is your baby in your arms. I mean, your thoughts are. So don’t yell at yourself for what you haven’t been able to solve yet.

I put the graphic of the 8-ball here (remember that toy?) to signify the 8th House, which is so much about mutual feeding, about energy exchange. This is what our lives are made of. You are not alone.

So my question for you is: when do you make change in your life? How do you get to that point? Do you reach out?

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The Not So Secret Sex Life Of Venus In Aquarius

"Venus in Aquarius"
Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice

I was reading a book the other day that described Venus in Aquarius as “impersonally personal.” Isn’t that cute? I guess. As long as you’re not married to them!

But seriously, Venus in Aquarius can be friendly with many many many many many MANY people of the opposite sex. And they hope you won’t mind! But the thing is… it’s not about trying to get it ON, necessarily. It’s about.. camaraderie. Buddy-ship. Venus in Aquarius prizes friendship and if you want a Venus in Aquarius to love you? You better be their friend. And call them buddy once in a while.

It’s not that they’re cold, really. It’s not that they’re detatched (well, they are). It’s that they’re kinky. Venus in Aquarius gets my vote for being willing to try anything once. Or twice. And maybe you’d say: hey, Moon Pluto, don’t you mean Mars? Yeah, I guess this could be about Mars too but i think Venus has WAY more to do with sex and sexing it up than we usually give it credit.

Aquarius is WEIRD, is do what you want, is think for yourself, is don’t tread on me (unless you’re into that) and Venus in Aquarius, thus, LOVES weird-do-what-you-want-think-for-yourself-sex. And yes, they are into group sex because Aquarius is the COLLECTIVE, and what do you think they collect? Nah, never mind ;)

What has been your penis in… I mean, Venus in Aquarius experience? (Psst, they also love parades and rallies!)

Note to self: writing posts like this is one way to deal with my Saturn transit ;)

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Bad Venus And The Monster Within

"Saturn Chiron Conjunction"

My boyfriend’s Saturn Chiron conjunction conjuncts my descendent. And North Node. Yes, you heard me right. Anyone else would, perhaps, leave town. Leave the country. Jump in front of a speeding #7 train. But not me. I’m Venus Neptune girl. I’m Venus Saturn girl. I’m Venus Jupiter girl. Square, Square, and Sextile. My Venus is busy with the outer planets, the big story. The ecstasy and the agony. And the love.

And I will not give up until I find out the truth of Saturn Chiron on my descendent. Is it hot or cold? Hurting or healing? Blocking or sealing?

When we fight, when we come up against a misunderstanding, I feel all our synastry at once. I feel the Mars opposition, I feel the Cancer pile-up which is a mother’s love (Hello Freud), I feel the electric Venus Uranus trine, and I feel Saturn Chiron. And everything else that lives and breeds between the two charts. 

But Saturn isn’t only a limitation and Chiron isn’t only a wound that can’t be healed. Saturn stabilizes. Saturn commits. Saturn is responsible. To what? On the 7th? To the other. And Chiron? Aw, fuck Chiron. I have Chiron in my 8th House so I do fuck Chiron but my point is that dealing with this man sometimes brings up my deepest bumpiest itchiest woundiest bloodiest insecurity. How? By him loving what I find so abhorrent. And sometimes you don’t realize how much self-hatred is there, has been there, until it is challenged, until someone else confronts your every no with a yes.

A Virgo Moon nightmare: you will never be perfect. A life bears the scars of a life, inside and outside.

But listen: Venus Pluto can go beyond control(ling). And Venus Neptune can go above masochism. And Venus Saturn can learn to love. And Venus Uranus can settle down :) Really. There’s hope.

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Cancer Scorpio Compatibility, Part 2

"Cancer Scorpio Compatibility"
from my play BLOOD

Recently I wrote a blog post about Cancer Scorpio INcompatibility but the truth is, this match can work. Just like any of the pairings in the Zodiac can work.

But I wanted to write another post about it in case I inadvertently discouraged anyone out there, any little crabs or scorpions with a heartache or hard-on for their fellow sea creature. 

What inspired me was coming home today and looking on my wall and seeing some stills from a play of mine, a short play, about a matador and a dancer.

In real life, one of the actors is a Cancer and the other, a Scorpio, both women. Also, in real life, in the theatre world, people tend to just say “actor” for men or women. None of his “actressy” stuff, you know?

I attended many of the rehearsals and at some point astrology must have come up in conversation :) and that was when I discovered their Sun signs. And I was thrilled.

The Scorpio, the matador, I knew could go deep, just like the character. She asked great questions, always probing, trying to get to the bottom of the character’s motivations. And the Cancer woman felt everything so deeply and also got frustrated deeply when she felt she wasn’t “there” yet. She was sensitive, joking, self-protective, even skittish at times.

And the two of them together? They brought my words, my world, to life, and oh was I sad when the run ended, as it had to.

Whether the partnership works out in the end or not, I think these two signs are always drawn to each other, they recognize each other’s power which is the power of… authenticity.

Security-minded, self-protective, Cancer and Scorpio can secure each other, protect each other, make family, have great sex… :)

Oh God I am about to share another memory (so Cancerian of me) but I can’t resist. At my mother’s funeral (she was a Scorpio), her longtime Cancer lover threw a bouquet of red roses on her casket as it descended. This was a Jewish funeral and… such things aren’t done at Jewish funerals but… to make a long (and complicated) story short, there was some kind of unbreakable bond there, despite… everything. And I’ll save the Story of Everything for another time :)

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Common Virgo Problems And The People Who Love Them

"Sun in Virgo"

I admit I write a lot about Virgo. I have Virgo Problems, meaning, I worry too much, and I see the forest for the trees. I mean, the trees and not the forest. See, I get confused because Virgo confuses details with reality. Now, details are a part of reality, but not the big picture, not the whole picture. So this post can apply not just to Virgos but any mega-worrier . It’s probably in your chart somewhere if you feel what I’m saying

And Virgo, they say, isn’t really a nag but just trying to fix what needs fixing. But what if no fix is needed or wanted? Then Virgo may feel hurt, confused, purpose-less. Virgo needs to correct your thinking, correct your speech, not to show where you are wrong, but to understand, to make sense of all the information, to put it in order.

A Virgo lacking order is a Pisces :) Just kidding.

So what about the people who love Virgo and are driven mad by Common Virgo Problems? This is a tough one. I have a Virgo Moon and I live with a Virgo Moon sextile Uranus square Mercury. Now I’m not about to tell you that my Virgo Moon is better than her Virgo Moon but the aspects do make a difference. I hate to debate. She loves to debate. We both can go deep but often, no matter what I say, she will, to my ears, correct it. Make it more precise. What she misunderstands though is that I am a Cancer Sun and I speak from feelings. I am not looking to speak anyone’s truth but my own.

The other day I said to myself, grumbling, “UGH I feel hot!” And from her room, she corrected me: “muggy.” See, she assumed I was giving a treatise on the weather. I was not. I was describing how I felt in the moment: HOT. It did not need correction or refinement.

So what is one to do? Ignore it :) Or bring it up. I’ve done both.

Relationships ah relationships, those ever turning wheels constantly needing negotiation. Oy. I have Jupiter in Libra. I’m supposed to be good at this and maybe I am but… in Virgoland, the mind rules. Service rules too. So remember that even when your pet Virgo is driving you bonkers, underneath that picky exterior is an angel of mercy. This Virgo Moon roommate with outer planets in her 6th House was there for me when no one else was, no one. Virgos go above and beyond, beyond reason. It’s their purpose and their nature.

Today’s take-home: be kind to your Virgo. They deserve your love. And try hugging one, just for fun ;)

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Saturday Morning Astrology

"Sun in Cancer"
News of the Day

Good Morning, Star Gazers, here’s the round-up: Moon is in Aries but we all know that won’t last :) Nothing teaches us faster and better than the Moon: she’s gonna move! Follow her cycle and you’ll learn about yourself :)

Sun? early Cancer. Are you thinking about the eclipse on July 1st?

Mercury: 17 Cancer. I’m glad she’s moved away from the other cardinals. A temporary relief, but I’ll take it.

Mars: early Gemini. Venus: moving into later Gemini. Jupiter in early Taurus making a nice massaging sextile to our Cancer Sun so enjoy that. Definitely a feed yourself aspect. Or a, dare I say it, touch yourself aspect. A little earthy watery oasis.

And the outers are the outers: holding steady in t-square formation: powerful Pluto in Capricorn, undeniable Uranus in Aries, serious Saturn in Libra. Neptune and Chiron in early Pisces, both retrograde.

Venus is separating from a trine to Saturn, but I’ll take that too, I’ll take the serious love. And Mars is applying in trine to Saturn: serious determination.

What do you have planned this weekend? Are you working? Are you resting? Are you escaping? I think I’ll do parts of all three :)

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That You Need To Make Art: Advice For Moon Pluto People And Anyone Else

"Moon Pluto"
Cinematic Orchestra

I get obsessed with songs. I spent a year working on my last full-length play, off and on, in the apartment where I live now (a small but important detail). I didn’t work on anything else, wasn’t blogging either. And there was a group of songs that I would write to.

This is on my mind because I was sending one of these songs to a friend and remembering how it felt to work on that piece of writing, what it meant to me, what I hoped for it. And how I don’t know if anything will happen with it. It’s been slow-going, trying to get it read, trying to get it liked. Liked enough. It’s possible that I’ll have a reading of it this summer, but nothing is certain.

The cool thing about theatre, one of the many things I loved was seeing Moon Pluto on the stage. What I mean is that I put my emotional intensity into the mouths of my characters.

A memory I treasure is.. the last time I had a short play produced and it was call-back time and actors were in the lobby of the theatre, reading my lines out loud to themselves, practicing, waiting for their turn. These women wanted this part. It could lead to other things. An agent could be in the audience. Who knows? And little did they know, they would have had a chance to work with a brilliant, brilliant director. And it wasn’t that *I* mattered. It was that I was living my purpose.

A purpose can change though. Or, a purpose can diverge. Or, a purpose can take a long time to come home. Does this make sense?

About Moon Pluto:  if you don’t find a way to let these feelings live somehow, whatever they are, however they are, the world will be a lesser place because of it. The world needs this beauty. No matter how many times it rejects it :) Doesn’t have to be writing. I mean, find out WHAT it is. (And much of this may hold true for Mars Pluto, as well, in challenging aspect, in terms of finding the release.)

I have the Moon Pluto conjunction so I can’t speak personally about the other aspects. I can only observe how others behave. And it doesn’t have to be Moon Pluto, it could be a lot of Scorpio. The thing about having it in the First House though is that you never escape it. It doesn’t play out in a “certain area of your life.” It’s you. And for that, you need help :) Sometimes you don’t know whether to cry or vomit or write a poem. Well, you can do all three. Cry and vomit but definitely write the poem. Make something. Make something outside yourself. Create.

It’s like God. God created something from nothing so this is your chance to really be made in his image. Doesn’t matter if you believe in God to believe that if you don’t create, you will die. A part of you will die to yourself. That’s how it feels to be Moon Pluto. So, make proof. Make proof of it. That you were here.

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The Sun Is In Cancer: Who Are You Feeding?

"Sun in Cancer"
One of my favorite Cancerians

Do you know anyone with a busy 7th House? By busy I mean a bunch of planets there or even one juicy one. I’ll never forget the first time I met my niece, who was 6 or 7 at the time, and I was amazed by her cuteness, her brightness, and her bossiness.

Fellow Star Gazers, Cancer is a cardinal sign, but unless there’s something freaky going on, I don’t consider the breed to be bossy.

This monster, this kid was so… skilled in the arts of not only manipulation but domination that… I prayed not only for her but for myself to survive the weekend.

I learned later that this little girl has Mars in the 7th House, in Capricorn. Capricorn can be bossy and in the 7th, she’s going to boss you. It was a Cancerian challenge and I was no match for it.

It wasn’t until the night before I left that I saw the other side to this little girl. She has a Cancer Moon in the 12th House and the tears oh the tears that flowed, genuine tears, at the restaurant, in public, when she realized I was leaving the next day. I felt closer to her in that moment. See, I could identify with the tears, not as tactic but as purity, pure longing and wishing for things to be otherwise.

When I was young, I did not dream of being a mother. I only faced the biological urges in my 30s. Never was one of those gals who squealed “I LOVE kids, yes I want to be a teacher!!” I wanted a room of my own and time to write. In my middle-age now, I sometimes wish I had had the opportunity to have had a houseful of children. It wasn’t until I made this one friend in my early 30s who had two daughters that I finally found my soulmates in the world of children. And for the first time, someone believed that I would make a good mother and told me so. (Sagittarians tend to tell me this but they are notoriously trusting ;)

Earlier this week I had a dream that I had a baby and that the next day the baby was older, toddler-age, and in the dream I felt anxious. Women getting older who didn’t have children, for whatever reason, must confront the end to this cycle. I’m not quite there yet, but on my way.

The Cancer (woman or man) must nurture someone, something. If not children, then a dream, then parents or siblings, friends, a garden, a home, other people’s children, the self, God, beliefs, animals, a room of one’s own to write in. We must nurture our mates and their dreams, their gardens, their God.

What do you nurture? Who nurtures you? 

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Sun Square Uranus a.k.a.Jesus Of The Subway

"Moon Void Of Course"
Old Subway Sign

Do you feel restless during Void of Course Moons? Irritable? Can’t sleep? Is there a Moon tonic we can take for this?

Lack of sleep makes me feel awful in every way, and I was on the train the other day wondering whose arms I could crawl into, who would hold me up. Which reminded me of a poem I wrote some years ago called Jesus of the Subway, the end of which goes: “So when you act like someone else/is holding me up/I tell you no/it’s my own strong arms.”

Reading it over, for the first time in years, it struck me how Uranian it is, Sun square Uranus maybe. The type of independence or rebelllion that can be self-destructive. Not asking for help when you need it most.

How do you feel on a Void of Course Moon? How do you feel about asking for help? Do you?

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Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility, Part 2 Of An Infinite Series

"Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility"
Frida and Diego

Because it’s such a harsh sky out there, and because we’re all under it, I decided to try to write something light. And then couldn’t think of anything. So instead I’ll write about my love life ;)

My boyfriend is a Sagittarius with too many water placements and women like him. A lot. I am a sensitive Cancer Sun (with Moon Pluto conjunct in House 1) and I also like him. A lot.

Here is a warning for you sensitive girls who are interested in firey boys: do not conjure what you cannot put down.

See, I conjured up my boyfriend.  I was having a Tarot reading with Lupa and the reading was stark and there came a point, a painful point, when she suggested I use ritual to help get over a past love. Because even the cards and her comforting words weren’t enough. We had to go above. It worked.

But back to my point about the Sagittarius male. If you decide to go this route or if one lands in your lap, which tends to happen, I suggest you find one with a goodly amount of water (and some earth) because the Sagittarius male is randy and roaming and horny and, well, they like whores. I mean they like whores, strippers, burlesque performers, B-movie actresses, gyrating pole dancers, cheerleaders. They really like cheerleaders. They like women. Of a certain… ilk.

So maybe you’re like me. A bit more Frida than Diego. A bit more Batman than Joker. It could work but it will be work. I don’t mean to suggest that you have to reign in the horse, that’s a topic for another day. What I do mean is that Cancer (water) is sensitive and Sagittarius can be… how to put it… well, they are half-beast. And half-beast means not fully human ;)

The inconjunct, especially if by degree, will scare off many potential young lovers, but… Doesn’t every Sadge want a little crab of his own?

The truth that nobody talks about: Sagittarius wants to be entertained, and Cancer can provide Sagittarius with more entertainment than Ringling, more than all the hookers, all the cheerleaders, all the burlesque dancers, and strippers in the Whole Wide World. Yup, one torrential mood swing alone can have ‘em hooked for life ;)

And Sagittarius needs Cancer. Why? To make them smile! Somebody has to. To quote the late great Elizabeth Bishop, “Somebody loves us all.” 

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Warning: Cardinal Crossing: The Sun Is In Cancer Making Things Hot

"Cardinal Cross"
The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving

Since I’ve started blogging here, almost a month ago, I’ve written every day. Posted more than once a day, usually. Until yesterday. I’d like to blame this on the Cardinal T-Square which, day by day, is tightening into a Grand Cross. There’s a big sucking sound and it’s ugly. Saturn’s at 10 Libra, Pluto at 6 Capricorn, Uranus at 4 Aries and the Sun at 1 degree Cancer. Do you feel squeezed? I do. And squeezed is a nice word for it.  And our third eclipse is… coming.

I’d love to end this post with some snappy advice or celebrity news (yeah, right) but then I looked in my Blackberry, where I write when I’m not at home and I see some words from Pema Chodron who I listened to yesterday. “Lower your standards and relax as it is.” 

Can you do that? Do you want to? Does it apply? What does it mean to “lower your standards”? (More on this later.)

My usually quiet apartment is suddenly loud today. A road crew out back (is it a road crew?) has been up to something since early this morning. Maybe I’ll tell them to lower their standards and relax as it is and leave the street alone.

There it is. A smile :)

PS I put The Hotel New Hampshire picture here because of the recurring phrase in the book, “keep passing the open windows” which is today’s mantra. Also, a “character” in that book was a teacher of mine, poet Donald Justice. I think all my writing, in way or another, is dedicated to him.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2011 (Part Two)

"Your Moon Sign"
Will you open the door?

The Moon is a trap. It’s not just how you feel. It’s also what you need to leave. Because the Moon is your Mum and we all need to leave home. Or we stay womby forever, attached by the roots to the source of our life, instead of to the source of ALL life.

I write from a spiritual perspective, a quasai-religious perspective. My early years were Orthodox and I always went to religious school (except for a year and half). My family stopped being devout, but we had the holidays and the culture. Although I hated school and hated childhood, everything about it, I returned to the religion of my birth in my 20s. For a time :)

In your chart, the Rising Sign (among other things) has to do with your childhood: what was expected of you, how you were treated. The Moon was/is your reaction. In many ways, we need new reactions, new ways of coping. The Moon IS how we cope. I have Moon and Pluto conjunct in Virgo. I worry. I obsess. I pick. 

Now, I’m not saying to throw away your Moon, but to add to it. Adjust it. Should it be louder? Softer? What does it need? What will make it happy?  What are the aspects? The sign? The house? All of this will show your Moon’s path. And, most of all, look to the opposite sign for insight.

But the Moon isn’t just a trap; it’s a trapdoor. A secret passageway for you to open, walk through. Where does it lead? Can you picture it? Yourself, a small child, in those little clothes of childhood. Homemade? Hand-me-downs? Big funny buttons and weird socks.

And behind the trap door is the “other” side of your Moon, the ideal, the ideal mother, the ideal childhood, just the good stuff, the eternal unconditional love stuff, what we all, I think, look for, still. That’s what’s on the other side. At least, that’s what I saw, when I opened the door.

Try it and tell us what you find in honor of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the sign of nurturing, coming to a sky near you.

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Your 6th House And You: Untangle The Knots

"Virgo Moon"

Been using this metaphor all morning: untangle the knots. Or maybe it started last night. Or last weekend actually.

I had some work to do and my mind felt knotty, knotted. I had a headache and I wondered if it was a third-eye thing since some of it was psychic work. I struggled and I couldn’t make myself free. I sought counsel, sending an email to one of my favorite astrologers. Haven’t seen her in years, but had some readings years ago. I knew she’d understand and give me the wisdom. It helped but the knot remained, although turning as the days passed. Same mind, same forehead, different knots.

North Node in the 6th House is all about the every day. Every day life and routines. It can be about joy or not about joy, but joy will come, contentment will come, when you do your North Node and in the 6th House, it IS about washing the dishes :)

The 6th House may be the least glamorous of all the Houses. The 8th has sex and death. The 9th has travel and God, wow! The second has your money, the 12th has the ways you hurt yourself (which may not be glamorous, but it is dramatic). The 5th has fun! The 1st is Who You Are, and so on…

But the 6th? Ew. Virgo again. The body. The maintenance. The details. The process. The mundane. The fixing. The running smoothly. The health. The house of service and work. Service? Again?

What’s happening in your 6th House? What sign is on the cusp? Where does its ruling planet live? Is it empty? Full? 

Now, if you’re a 6th House person (got Sun there? Moon? Stellium? North Node?) and you don’t respect and respond to the demands of this house? Let’s just say it would be helpful for you to master the needs of the every day, including your body and your time. Too much 12th House (and we’re talking about the 6th/12th axis) can lead to self-destruction. Self-undoing, as the astrologers say.

Isabel Hickey says that we have some control over 6th House affairs, unlike the 12th House, which is shadowy, hidden from us. So let that be an incentive to you, 6th House People, says Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto :)

Your life improves when you find order in the House of Order. But look to the sign there. I have Pisces. Order for me is… not disorder but… less rigid. And my Neptune is in the 3rd House. So I write. And I find my order there, in the words. 

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Hello Summer, Hello Summer Solstice

"Summer Solstice 2011"
Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon

The Summer Solstice is here, the longest day of the year. What this means to me, more than anything, is air conditioning :)

But seriously, I’m just like you, you know? Trying to figure everything out. By everything, I mean my life.

Now, some signs are definitely more given to meanderings of the mind than others. Some signs are more introspective. Some signs are more… escapist. Some signs do more and think less. Are most of us a combination of it all, soul-searching AND action-oriented? Nah. Some of us CAN’T STOP trying to untangle the knots of the mind until we exhaust ourselves and those nearest and dearest. Yes, Virgo Moons, I’m talking to you.

So, how about something for the Solstice. What does the beginning of summer mean to you? What does Cancer Season mean to you? Cancer is our memories, our family, our past. Do you remember the smell of the grill? The sounds of people at the beach. I grew up in Miami so the smell of suntan oil is my brain on summer. I’m an American, a Floridian (although I wasn’t born there).  Bug spray. Being thirsty all the time. Sand on my feet. Wondering when can we leave this place and go HOME, back to the air conditioner, back to the HOME, safe, cool, dark, alone, away from… all these people and the smell of gasoline, the green station wagon.

That was an example of Mercury in Cancer, which mirrors our current sky. Letting the mind drift over the mind. Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn: the thoughts can get dark, disturbing. What’s important to remember though is that you are HERE, NOW. Not there. Not borne ceaselessly back, to paraphrase a famous line from a famous novel. You are here.

For Cancer, memories and the past can seem more real than the present. Maintaining one foot in this world is needed. Well, more than one foot.

What will you do this day to mark the Solstice? How will you mark time so that you remember who you were? And what meant the world to you on this day. This is your season, this is your time to… listen, again, to the birds inside, to the clock-ticking, to the fingers tap tap tapping. Return to your self, to the things of this world.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2011 (Part One)

"Moon in Cancer"
Happy Summer Solstice!

There is such a thing as productive sinking in. I mean, as a technique for dealing with intense emotions, for dealing with the fall-out, for dealing with feeling spent or… depressed even. Worn to the bone.

Sometimes what helps is not to fight it. Not to do (see my previous post here) but to stop doing. For a set amount of time. I’m not saying to leave behind your responsibilities, but to take a break with intention. That your break includes letting your mind relax, float, letting your body relax, float. And it need not include formal techniques like meditation, but to have the intention of floating, like that period of mind before falling asleep. Like when you have a fever and need to rest more than anything in the world.

I think that… remembering, knowing these things is even more important now as we head into Cancer Season and our Cardinal t-square becomes a Cardinal cross. Cancer is sensitive, very sensitive. Sometimes I think people don’t really understand (and isn’t that Cancer’s lament? Lack of understanding) how sensitive Cancer is. Instead we just annoy people with our touchy twitchy emotions. But see, Cancer never wants to bother anyone. Cancer just wants… to speak and think and love freely. But the world? The world’s not really into that. Cancer: eternal mother, eternal child. It’s always both.

So as we enter Sensitive Season, take stock of what you do to comfort yourself, nurture yourself because the world can be hard and travelling away from the hardness can be as simple as listening to the birds for five minutes, if only you could remember to do it. Or looking up at the sky, instead of at the concrete, or at the mall.

I’m not Taurus, I’ve got Saturn in Taurus, but I notice that nature and the things of nature pop up a lot in what soothes me. From a distance though :) Don’t take me to the park, just let me hear the birds from inside. See? The birds from inside. Inside the body, inside the heart. The shell. With Cancer, there is always the shell. Cancer carries its home on its back. And with Cancer Season here, questions of home come front and center. Where is your home? Who waits for you there?

So that’s today’s wisdom. That the wisdom is inside you. The birds are inside you. Find what works for you. Use it, practice it. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes for… SANITY. 

Ever wake up a in a good mood and you don’t know why? I did this morning. I must have had some terrific dreams or… really did manage to untie that knot my mind was in. Maybe a little of both.

I wish all of you a good day, fellow star gazers, whoever is reading this now. Feel free to share details of your day, week, here… as we move forward to the next eclipse, July 1st in Cancer.

It’s a New Moon eclipse. A time for… considering what you want. Beginnings as well as endings. Maybe there’s a change you’d like to see. Tell us about it here.

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Oy Saturn: A Cancer Sun Lament (For Moon Pluto People And Others)

"Sun in Cancer"

I hear the sound of a child giggling outside. I listen to it with fascination. What’s making her so happy? And how to transition from that thought to thoughts of Saturn. How childlike joy has nothing to do with Saturn unless Saturn is the responsible parent. It’s the day after Father’s Day.  Who? 

Saturn went direct in opposition to my Chiron (how I always forget dear Chiron), conjunct my progressed Venus, and is applying in square to my Sun. No wonder the emotions have felt a bit waterboarded. 

The best thing to do this evening, I realized, is to do nothing. I lay in bed with the cats for… 5 minutes, ten minutes, just to get my eyes away from the computer, the phone. I don’t own a t.v. No music on. Just the child outside laughing, the breeze through the window, the leaves of the tree moving. Calm, calm, calm, calmer. Too early to sleep, but getting too late to work :) The time of slowing down: 8 o’clock. A fistful of peace.

See, it’s been a Moon Pluto Day in Moon Pluto Land, emotional storms raging.

When in doubt? Do nothing. Note to self: remember this. Because nothing isn’t nothing. It’s slowing. And Moon Pluto People need to… STOP. Stop spinning, swirling, emoting, storming, raging…

This isn’t Saturn advice necessarily, it isn’t advice at all. Just a day, just today. Tomorrow will be different and Saturn will be that much closer to doing what he does best to all the little mid to late Cancer Suns ;)

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