Monthly Archives: June 2011

Me And My Venus: Dumb About The Penis People 7

So I was talking to my boyfriend and I was remembering that my natal Uranus trines his Venus, exact I think. And I said to him, “Venus trine Uranus! Your love shocks me.” It’s a good shock though. It’s a trine. But a shock all the same. Shockingly good. Shockingly loving. Loving the shocks. Whatever. […]

Your Stars Today: Sun Opposition Pluto 6

I started writing plays for Moon Pluto reasons. I wanted people to know, wanted an audience to know how it felt inside my head. Truth is that I didn’t set out to do this, but it was the result. And I noticed. The agony, the ecstasy, the obsession, desire, emotional intensity, gunk. And I recommend […]

In Honor Of Cancer Season I Bring You Mars 4

A Public Service Announcement from my Mars: I have Mars in Cancer. I dislike trashy images of women. Images that denigrate or trivialize or exploit. Mars in Cancer is protective of women and their dignity is always foremost in my mind. I know this goes against the grain of much of the world today. This […]

NYC People, Please Read: Moon Pluto Classes

Looking to see if there’s any interest in a class or series of classes, local i.e. would be in New York City. Classes would likely cover how to master your own moon pluto emotions, using astrology and other techniques. Natal moon pluto aspect not required :) Email me moonpluto@gmail And I can’t really wrap my […]

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: How Are You Feeling?

I swear, yesterday I felt the eclipse energy passing through me. Like a train. And I was on the train at the time. It reminded me of a Tenebrae service that I went to years ago and if you are familiar with this service then you know it gets real noisy at one point, and […]

Working With The Mind: Sun In Cancer Advice For Moon Pluto People And Others 6

I feel very equipped to talk to you about this now because I’m going through it myself: working with the mind. And body, actually, because the two are always connected, never far apart. And this morning I was going to write about Libra, I was going to begin writing about signs that I’ve been neglecting. […]

Neptuneland: Why I Love Drug Movies 16

I was never into drugs, but I’ve always loved drug movies and am watching High Art, a movie I love. I saw it when it came out and then found it on Netflix streaming a couple weeks ago. This evening I find myself under the weather and needing to do next to nothing so am […]

Your 8th House And You: Shoot The Moon 6

I think the 8th House is also the body. Because we meet others there, inside it, inside the life of this house. The 8th House is our deepest relations with others. Sex, intimacy, death, and that interesting 8th house catch phrase ” other people’s money.” Resources shared. What gets exchanged. In death, matter is exchanged […]