Eclipse Fever?

I hate it when there’s not enough time. That’s how I feel today, this week. As a good Virgo Moon and Rising, I rarely run late and I’m rarely behind. So I’ve decided to blame the eclipses! And why not?

I hope to be back later tonight or tomorrow to write more and respond to comments; I’ve got drafts in the Blackberry :) But in the meantime, if you are reading this: what/how do you feel, if anything, on this Eclipse Eve… Please share your thoughts, feelings, aspects, complaints, ideal dinner plans…

Famous Last Words: the Moon is at 29 Taurus……..

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Venus square Saturn Growing Up

In love, you make yourself vulnerable. True? Open yourself up. Show yourself? Nakedness is not about the body, never about the body. It’s about what’s under the surface, inside, but how does one get past the surface of the body with all this schmutz in the way?

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The Venus T-Square

Yep, I have one. My Venus is squared by Saturn and Neptune. The Saturn square is wide, but I claim it. The Neptune square is painfully close. My Venus also sextiles Jupiter but tend to forget that. My Venus is in the 12th. Interesting how easy it is to remember the “bad” and forget the good.

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Scorpio Sex, Part 2

So the other day I did a reading for someone with Scorpio planets, a deeply spiritual person. I mean: the Real Deal. Jupiter trine Neptune in the birth chart. Neptune in the 6th House. Real compassion, real caring, real… desire. Continue reading Scorpio Sex, Part 2

Moon Pluto People: Psychic or Not

When I think of “psychic,” I think of people who can tell you where your keys are when you lose them :) But I know it’s more than that. It’s a continuum. For example, when you meet with an astrologer or Tarot reader, etc and they venture away from the chart or the cards and seemingly pull stuff out of the air when they are “just talking” and the stuff is just so right-on. Something about that word “psychic”… has an inherent pressure to it. Like the psychic is a performer more than a helper. I get it though – people want answers. I want answers. Long, hard transits can make for a thorny landscape. Knowing that relief is on the way is medicine, is… relief.

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Love, Fun, and the Inconjunct

I’ve decided that the inconjunct should be called the inconJUNK. Because that’s how this aspect feels to me. Junky. This is the “needs adjustment” aspect. The two inconjuncted planets don’t make sense together. They can’t even see each other. I mean, an opposition? That’s across a crowded room. A square? Out of the corner of your eye. But an inconjunct? Huh?

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Do You Go Deep?

Do you go deep into a chart? I am doing more and more readings and… I realize that I like only one (!) chart in my head at a time. As I write this I realize I’m the same way in love: monogamous! I look at the wheel, look at placements, begin to grasp the aspects and it’s like swimming. I sink a little. But then I MUST arrange the fish! Clarity from all those squiggles and lines and glyphs. And they talk too. Not in words… but they talk.

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Your Venus in Aquarius Friend

If you want a little bit of harmless fun, then spend some time talking to a Venus in Aquarius who is in denial about the legendary Aquarian detatchment. Even though Venus is supposedly love and Mars is supposedly sex, either one in Aquarius seems to me to be a bit more “open minded” (and openly open minded) than the rest of the zodiac, sex-wise.

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Meditation and Cats (part 2)

These things go together: astrology, tarot, meditation. Meditation more than anything (or as much as learning/practicing the esoteric arts) will improve the intuition which I believe will make you a better reader (of cards, charts, etc). Of course, you also need a heart (rare), and soul (even more rare), and a brain (sigh). Raise your hands, how many of you have run into “psychics” or “healers” who had as much sensitivity as a ballpoint pen. I am mostly water and earth, chart-wise, so of course I am biased towards the feeling/sensory approach.  Continue reading Meditation and Cats (part 2)

How Do You Handle a Crisis? (another eclipse post)

How do you handle a crisis? Is life still beautiful when you are in crisis? Or do you collapse? Do you become a superhero, or a child? Or parts of each, 3/4 Save the Day and 1/4 Fall to Pieces. It’s like cooking. Measure by measure.

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Summer 2011 Eclipse in Gemini

Today’s Inspirational Message: Doors must open.

Some people spend their whole lives trying and not succeeding. Some people spend their whole lives lucky and in love. Still others are in the middle, win some, lose some. Sigh. Cue “Maybe This Time,” from Cabaret.

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I am the Mars (thoughts on the Composite Chart)

This morning I informed my boyfriend that a number of his female Facebook friends look like hookers. Not that they are hookers, but that they cultivate that look. Well, a certain hooker look from a certain era: perms, boobage, slinky outfits, come-hither looks. You know what I mean. And not that I have anything against hookers. It was just something I… noticed about his collection of “Friends.”  He claimed not to notice. LOL?

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Meditation and Cats (part 1)

Yes, meditation and cats. I’d been wanting to write on this topic for a while now. I’m a long-time meditator with sometimes shoddy discipline and sometimes… good discipline. I basically do two types. I’m a huge fan (if fan is the right word) of Pema Chodron and her teachings. And I also love Edgar Cayce. I find their approaches similar and yet very different and I’m not going to talk about either one today. I’m going to talk about cats.

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Scorpio Sex

Sometimes I think astrology was invented just to talk about Scorpio. Sure, we can stroll through the zodiac, chatting about… Geminis who need more than one girlfriend or Pisces with sensitive feet or Leos who light up the room when they enter, but… it all pales in comparison doesn’t it? To Scorpio? I’m having fun here; no sign is better than any other. And yet. The Scorpio mystique looms large, like an enormous…

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Cancer/Sagittarius Compatibility

And so begins my series on Romantic Compatibility. Please know that I’m probably not going to write about the obvious: water and water, earth and earth, fire and air, etc. I want to write about the weird. And what could be more weird than homey, homebody, oversensitive, mothering Cancer… with a smiling, strolling, adventure-seeking, space-cadeting Sagittarius! Surely I jest, but fear not young lovers; there is hope for you yet!

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Hooray for Moon in Aries!

And now the Moon is safely tucked away in Aries ;)  Yeah, I know, it’s kinda funny to say that, but I’m just glad we’re out of that Pisces void-of-course Moon and onwards, fire, onwards. Back to the beginning, zodiac-style. And, no, I’m not going to mention the New Moon Eclipse in Gemini, nope!

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My Personal Eclipse

Bad things happen. Scary things happen. Are these platitudes? Maybe. Maybe for Moon Pluto people. That’s what we are, right? Some of us ;)

This morning there was a crisis on the homefront for me and my  mind immediately turned towards this summer’s eclipses which are… right around the corner. Gemini is my 10th and Sagittarius is my 4th. Cancer, my 11th.

And I thought to myself: I’m not up for any crap, God. Thanks anyway! But I did more than think. I prayed. And listen, I don’t even know if I believe in any one version of God that I’ve ever heard, but it doesn’t stop me from calling the f**k out, if I feel the need, when I feel the need. So there I was on the subway, eyes open, eyes closed, with iPod, without iPod, yes, like a good New Yorker, I prayed.

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Astrological Insights (and the North Node in Pisces is about Trust)

Insight. Where does it come from? I often use my own chart and my own experience as a jumping off point when I write. Or the charts of people I know well. I always hope others can relate, to my chart, to my… issues, even if they aren’t exactly the same. North Node in Pisces wants to help :) I wrote a lot about Venus-Saturn for example when I wrote for Elsa’s blog. My Venus Saturn square is wide, but I feel it, I claim it. I live it!

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Moon in Pisces (Void of Course) pt 2

I think I am going to start tracking the VOC moons, see if they are related to mooD and mood swings, the downward kind or any kind. I may look at aspects to my chart, but just by sign. For example, Pisces works pretty well with mine, trining my water, sextiling my earth, not really harshing on too much. However, the opposition to my Virgo? It can go either way… Still, it’s a 7th House sitch for me. Not so bad to have that lit up.

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Moon in Pisces (Void of Course)

I find myself wanting to write and not finding any inspiration. I look on my Blackberry (it’s where I write, during the day) and the drafts don’t interest me. And I think: uh-huh. Void of Course Moon. But really? Could it be? Okay, I’m a Cancer Sun. I’ve got Moon in the First House. Moon conjunct Pluto in the First House. More sensitive to the Moon, right? Yes, I am a lot of fun at parties ;) Continue reading Moon in Pisces (Void of Course)