Eclipse Fever?

I hate it when there’s not enough time. That’s how I feel today, this week. As a good Virgo Moon and Rising, I rarely run late and I’m rarely behind. So I’ve decided to blame the eclipses! And why not? I hope to be back later tonight or tomorrow to write more and respond to […]

Follow Your Trines

Easy for me to do: I don’t have that many! Trines are ease, trines are flow, with a trine you don’t even have to fiddle with the doorknob; the door magically opens! Has this been your experience?

Venus, Sex, and the Moon

Is Venus actually about sex? And not about love? I am wondering this more and more. We are taught that Venus is our love nature but I keep seeing it played out otherwise. Not that Mars and Venus are interchangeable but that I think the Moon has more, way more, to do with love and […]

Venus square Saturn Growing Up

In love, you make yourself vulnerable. True? Open yourself up. Show yourself? Nakedness is not about the body, never about the body. It’s about what’s under the surface, inside, but how does one get past the surface of the body with all this schmutz in the way?

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